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Karowyn (Susie)

Username: Karowyn
Alternate Name: Susie
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Supernatural, Dead Like Me
Email: ooziebub@msn.comLVI
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Bio: Hiya, i've just finished my GCSE's so i can finally finish the load of vids that i haven't completed such as So Damn Hot (Jack) and a possible Sawyer and Blair crossover from Gossip Girl

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Karowyn's Videos

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  • Without You

    by Karowyn 11-28-2009
    Lost: November 2009 contest submission. Life goes on, but i'm gone, without you..
    Without You
  • Dream On - Skate AU

    by Karowyn 09-02-2009
    Lost: ''Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away''. An AU take on Kate's past. See youtube for full description
    Dream On - Skate AU
  • The LOST Reader

    by Karowyn 08-13-2009
    Lost: A crossover with Lost and the trailer for the film The Reader. Inspired by Sawyer's constant reading on the island ;) enjoy
    The LOST Reader
  • 3 Years From Now - Skate

    by Karowyn 07-22-2009
    Lost: Kind of an AU take on the 3 year separation between Kate and Sawyer.
    3 Years From Now - Skate
  • Jawyer - Who's to Say it's Wrong?

    by Karowyn 06-28-2009
    Lost: 'Somewhere between unsure and a hundred', Neither can deny the chemistry that they have between one another, but can Sawyer admit his feelings in time, before Jack moves on? See youtube for full description
    Jawyer - Who's to Say it's Wrong?
  • You with the Sad Eyes

    by Karowyn 04-28-2009
    Lost: AU What if Sawyer and Juliet were stuck in time where the original survivors were there. Most importantly, in a time where Kate was still on the island. See youtube for full description.
    You with the Sad Eyes
  • One of Us

    by Karowyn 02-19-2009
    Lost: He will never be one of us.A look at Sawyer's darker side, highlighting the change that we can see in him now.
    One of Us
  • Sweetest Downfall

    by Karowyn 12-26-2008
    Lost: Sawyer was left behind when Kate and Jack left the island. Despite the two of them starting their new perfect lives together, Kate misses Sawyer. So much, in fact, that she keeps seeing him everywhere. Is her mind playing tricks on her? Is it just her ima
    Sweetest Downfall
  • The Holiday

    by Karowyn 09-15-2008
    Lost: A Lost Crossover to the amazing film, The Holiday. December 2008 contest submission
    The Holiday
  • Thanks for the Memories

    by Karowyn 07-30-2008
    Lost: July 2008 contest 1st place winner! A vid showing the lies from kate's past and on-island. And how she's lost herself as a result of it all.
    Thanks for the Memories
  • Whispers in the Dark

    by Karowyn 05-21-2008
    Lost: Anakin wants Kate back and won't stop until he has her. Please read full description on Youtube.
    Whispers in the Dark
  • So much for my Happy Ending

    by Karowyn 05-21-2008
    Lost: October 2008 contest submission. Please read YouTube description :) I hope you can follow ok :S
    So much for my Happy Ending
  • V for a lost vendetta

    by Karowyn 05-20-2008
    Lost: A trailer crossover with Lost and the amazing film, V for vendetta.
    V for a lost vendetta
  • Girlfriend

    by Karowyn 05-04-2008
    Lost: April 2008 contest 2nd place winner! Sawyer, Jack and Locke all have girlfriends but their sexiness just can't keep them apart!
  • Somebody Save Me

    by Karowyn 03-12-2008
    Lost: Opening credits for Season 4 of the oh so wonderful Lost. :)
    Somebody Save Me
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