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K-Dubb (Kyle, Grachidohg)

Username: K-Dubb
Alternate Name: Kyle, Grachidohg
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Brothers brawl, Legend Of Zelda
Website: www.youtube.com/Grachidohg
Email: xoldekirmfolf@msn.comLVI
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Bio: kyle Rox

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  • Savin Me

    by K-Dubb 10-30-2008
    Lost: October 2008 contest submission. I'm sorry that i cut the song short, I was running low on ideas and time before the contest ended. This vid shows Michaels suckish lfe throughout seasons 2 and 4.
    Savin Me
  • This Is Halloween

    by K-Dubb 09-01-2008
    Lost: August 2008 contest submission
    This Is Halloween
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