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Bio: hi! im a 14 year old girl and i am mildly obsessed with LOST! i love charlie and claire especially tho!

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  • Once Upon A December

    by Jesi0546 06-08-2006
    Lost: Claire finally remembers what happened when Ethan took her as well as other events bfore she was taken....
    Once Upon A December
  • Listen To Your Heart

    by Jesi0546 05-25-2006
    Lost: Claires is trying to forgive Charlie for everything hes done in the past by thinking about all the good things hes done.
    Listen To Your Heart
  • Drowning

    by Jesi0546 09-10-2005
    Lost: This vid is about Charlies not-so-secret addiction to Claire.
  • Sweet Misery

    by Jesi0546 07-20-2005
    Lost: Charlie's thoughts on Claire and Aaron. Cameos by Jack and sawyer.
    Sweet Misery
1-4 of 4 Videos 1