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JateErica (Erica)

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Alternate Name: Erica
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  • Jate - Time after Time

    by JateErica 04-22-2008
    Lost: It will always be Jack and Kate. (In my opinion)
    Jate - Time after Time
  • A First Love

    by JateErica 12-13-2007
    Lost: It's been awhile sine I made a Jate video, This is how Kate feels about Jack. :)
    A First Love
  • Kate - What I've Done

    by JateErica 08-01-2007
    Lost: Kate thinks back at her past, and wants to leave it all behind, but then she meets Jack, and he finds out that she is a fugitive, The marshall finds Kate and kidnap her and take Jack as a hostage. Will Kate confess to what she did?
    Kate - What I've Done
  • Jate/Jacket - Goodbye Again

    by JateErica 07-07-2007
    Lost: Jack is with Juliet, but he still loves Kate. And one day, he gets a call from her. And that will change everything, for all of them.
    Jate/Jacket - Goodbye Again
  • Leave Me Alone

    by JateErica 07-04-2007
    Lost: June 2007 contest submission
    Leave Me Alone
1-5 of 5 Videos 1