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Bio: what am i supposed to write here :s well uhh .. ive just started making lost videos after finding this site and seeing some pretty breathtaking footage .. thought id take a swing at it

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  • Sawyer - 45.

    by JamesSawyerFord 02-16-2007
    Lost: Sawyer.. and Shinedown.. what more needs to be said xD
    Sawyer - 45.
  • JATE - Far Away

    by JamesSawyerFord 02-15-2007
    Lost: jack suffers with the loss of kate, and remembers old times, but in the end commits a totally selfless action.
    JATE - Far Away
  • Ben And Freinds

    by JamesSawyerFord 11-13-2006
    Lost: while reading through lostpedia i found a rumour that a spin off series will be made, here's my fan made trailer :D
    Ben And Freinds
  • R.I.P Mr. Eko

    by JamesSawyerFord 11-09-2006
    Lost: 'spoilers!' .. A tribute to Eko.
    R.I.P Mr. Eko
  • Four Minutes

    by JamesSawyerFord 08-17-2006
    Lost: I'm gonna say now - This aint the best, but i just had to do it .. sorry if something like this is already made, i didn't know, and it's pure coincidence :P
    Four Minutes
  • The Monster

    by JamesSawyerFord 07-26-2006
    Lost: i've been thinking about making a monster vid for a while, but as i'm sure you know.. he doesn't feature heavily, so i had to loop a bit, lets hope he makes a return in season 3 so i can better this
    The Monster
  • My Goddess

    by JamesSawyerFord 07-25-2006
    Lost: seen a few lost vids with this song about, so i made my own .. hopeing to do better
    My Goddess
  • Two men - To Lead The Way

    by JamesSawyerFord 07-20-2006
    Lost: a breif example of how Jack And Locke are kinda like the leaders my 1st REAL video
    Two men - To Lead The Way
1-8 of 8 Videos 1