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  • Demons

    by Jabs 12-07-2006
    Lost: Have you ever got lost in a different world? Where everything you once knew is gone? Jack needs to deal with his demons on the island. Who he's been told he is and who he really is... Episodes up to 3x06.
  • Believe in Us

    by Jabs 11-25-2006
    Lost: Jack/Kate video about how Jack always comes through when everything is wrong for Kate. Kate wants to believe in them but the circumstances are always against them. Spoilers up to 3x06
    Believe in Us
  • Full of Grace

    by Jabs 10-15-2006
    Lost: Kate is held separate from Jack in captivity but she remembers everything. Contains s3 clips up to 3x02. Never lose hope, jaters!
    Full of Grace
  • Jate Trailer for Season 3

    by Jabs 09-01-2006
    Lost: Extended Jack Kate trailer while waiting for season 3. Sums up what they've been through so far and gets set for the upcoming season
    Jate Trailer for Season 3
1-4 of 4 Videos 1