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Bio: 13years old

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  • All At Once

    by Izzy94 12-30-2007
    Lost: Jack keeps comparing Kate to Juliet and Sarah. By the time he makes up his mind..
    All At Once
  • Collide

    by Izzy94 09-07-2007
    Lost: You Finally Find. You & I... Collide
  • Big Girls Dont Cry

    by Izzy94 08-20-2007
    Lost: Kate has to move on from Kevin her husband; Tom her childhood sweatheart, and then eventually - Jack
    Big Girls Dont Cry
  • Jate Tribute (Keep Holding On)

    by Izzy94 04-14-2007
    Lost: A very short tribute to Jate :)
    Jate Tribute (Keep Holding On)
  • Crashed

    by Izzy94 04-08-2007
    Lost: A story about Jack & Charlie's life...their past and their time they've spent on the island
  • You're My Dream

    by Izzy94 02-10-2007
    Lost: A video about Jack and Kates relationship with each other.
    You're My Dream
1-6 of 6 Videos 1