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  • Near to You / Skate.Jate

    by Iselin 05-28-2008
    Lost: Kate is trying to move on and she's slowly getting there. But a part of her heart is always with Sawyer and Jack can't accept that the heart of the woman he loves isn't with him. So.. things are complicated. My first triangle vid. Tried to be fair to both
    Near to You / Skate.Jate
  • Imperfect

    by Iselin 07-17-2007
    Lost: They are far from perfect but together they are stronger. A look at Kate and James' relationship up to 316.
  • Here With Me - Skate

    by Iselin 07-17-2007
    Lost: James is gone and Kate can't move on without him.
    Here With Me - Skate
  • The End - Skate

    by Iselin 07-16-2007
    Lost: A story about a girl and a boy. Falling inlove. Pure season one Skateness!
    The End - Skate
1-4 of 4 Videos 1