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IntoTheVoid (Elle)

Username: IntoTheVoid
Alternate Name: Elle
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Email: justsaynotoemo@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: Hey! I'm Elle. I first started vidding because I was just simply so inspired by other videos I found on this site and becuase of the show itself. I was a crappy vidder to start with, but I feel like i've changed SO much since then and improved greatly (without trying to sound big headed) All my videos before "Open Your Eyes" were in WMM ("Open Your Eyes was my first video using Sony Vegas Movie Studio aka Baby Vegas) I hope you enjoy viewing my videos and remember: Comments are LOVE.

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IntoTheVoid's Videos

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  • Sometimes All You Need Is One

    by IntoTheVoid 05-17-2008
    Lost: Entire cast ensemble video.
    Sometimes All You Need Is One
  • Always Where I Need To Be

    by IntoTheVoid 04-09-2008
    Lost: Eventhough Jack and Kate argue, drift apart, are separated, and smooch other people - they know where they stand, and they know that they'll end up with eachother. Eventually.
    Always Where I Need To Be
  • Sea Of Love

    by IntoTheVoid 03-10-2008
    Lost: All Jack and Kate have been though and whats to come.
    Sea Of Love
  • Lost/Atonement

    by IntoTheVoid 09-29-2007
    Lost: Set to the story/trailer the film Atonement: When Claire see's what she thinks is Jack forcing her sister, Kate, into a lustful kiss, she accuses him of a crime he did not commit. On his way to an overseas prision his plane crashes on an unkown island, se
  • Naive

    by IntoTheVoid 04-07-2007
    Lost: Juliet is so naive, and even though she may be 'with' the Others, Jack doesn't want her to turn into one of them.
  • Cigarette Smoker

    by IntoTheVoid 02-18-2007
    Lost: Cos you can never have too many Shannon vids: She's the rich girl, who's actualy all right, but she can go off the rails sometimes..
    Cigarette Smoker
  • Scummy

    by IntoTheVoid 11-28-2006
    Lost: AU - kinda. Sawyer has always been mean to Kate so she starts to turn to Jack for attention. Love triangle-ish. Kate always goes back to Sawyer, even though she hates him and knows he will miss-treat her. She just can't let go.
  • Wise Up

    by IntoTheVoid 10-24-2006
    Lost: A Jack-Flashback video. Jack has to get over his past. He will never be able to have redemption if he keeps thinking about it and in some cases, repeating it.
    Wise Up
  • Run

    by IntoTheVoid 10-10-2006
    Lost: Kind of AU. Jack and Kate are kidnapped by The Others and are seperated. During their separation, they think about their time together, and try to escape. Will they ever meet again?
  • Maybe I'm Amazed

    by IntoTheVoid 09-15-2006
    Lost: A Kate and Jack video. Kate and Jack both think about why they are attracted to eachother.
    Maybe I'm Amazed
  • Kill Him

    by IntoTheVoid 08-03-2006
    Lost: A Claire/Ethan trailer, set to look like Kill Bill. She will have her revenge.
    Kill Him
  • My Goddess

    by IntoTheVoid 07-27-2006
    Lost: Kate/Sawyer vid. A look at the love/hate relationship. I went kinda.. crazy on the colour effects but I think it came out okay :p
    My Goddess
  • Closer

    by IntoTheVoid 07-25-2006
    Lost: A Jack/Kate video
  • Open Your Eyes

    by IntoTheVoid 07-16-2006
    Lost: Charlie and Claire have their ups and downs. This vid is about both of them remembering their good times - while they have fallen out. Towards the end Charlie just wants Claire to open her eyes and realise he is the one for her.
    Open Your Eyes
  • A Place Called Home

    by IntoTheVoid 05-30-2006
    Lost: A general vid about Kate. Will the island be her first REAL home? Or will it bring back to many memories of her home back in the real world where she got Tom killed and murdered her father? Includes lots of Tom and the toy plane.
    A Place Called Home
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