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Heldon16 (Stuart)

Username: Heldon16
Alternate Name: Stuart
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder
Email: stuart907@msn.comLVI
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  • Michael - Same Mistake

    by Heldon16 12-27-2008
    Lost: Music video off the LOST character Michael. I really enjoyed his short return in season 4 so thought i'ld make a small video, its not perfect and it could be imporved, but i've been too busy to do so
    Michael - Same Mistake
  • Oceanic 6 - Into Oblivion

    by Heldon16 11-30-2008
    Lost: A music video which i made along time ago but forgot all about it. please leave feedback as it would be appreciated
    Oceanic 6 - Into Oblivion
  • Jack / Kate - Leave Out All The Rest

    by Heldon16 08-14-2008
    Lost: After leaving the island, Jack looks back at what his relationship with Kate has become
    Jack / Kate - Leave Out All The Rest
1-3 of 3 Videos 1