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Freckles815 (Tiff)

Username: Freckles815
Alternate Name: Tiff
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Other Fandoms: Prison Break
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  • Stop and Stare- A ConMama vid

    by Freckles815 04-25-2008
    Lost: The plane crashes and Sawyer is instantly drawn to Claire. She gets together with Charlie and Sawyer's heart hurts because he longs to be with her. When something tragic happens to Charlie, the bond with Claire and Sawyer grows. Enjoy! (more)
    Stop and Stare- A ConMama vid
  • Wake Up Call- Sawyer/Kate

    by Freckles815 04-07-2008
    Lost: Kate has a problem with cheating on Sawyer and he goes on a killing spree.
    Wake Up Call- Sawyer/Kate
  • 'Stay'- Sawyer/Kate

    by Freckles815 04-02-2008
    Lost: Sawyer is with Cassidy and has an affair with Kate, who's in love with him and wants him to be solely hers. Tried to make it where they were never on the island.
    'Stay'- Sawyer/Kate
  • 'Makes Me Wonder' - Dan/Claire vid

    by Freckles815 04-01-2008
    Lost: A random AU idea that popped into my head.
    'Makes Me Wonder' - Dan/Claire vid
  • Wasted Time

    by Freckles815 03-25-2008
    Lost: Michael and Sayid were in a relationship until Sayid cheated with Desmond. Michael goes on a rampage resulting in tragedy.
    Wasted Time
  • Jack/Juliet- No One

    by Freckles815 03-14-2008
    Lost: Pretty self explanatory! Just follows the trail of Jacket's relationship.
    Jack/Juliet- No One
  • Sawyer/Kate- I Am

    by Freckles815 03-14-2008
    Lost: Shows the strong bond and love Sawyer and Kate have for one another. My second video, so I hope you enjoy it.
    Sawyer/Kate- I Am
  • Jack/Kate- Sorry

    by Freckles815 03-14-2008
    Lost: Follows the relationship of Jate and their eventual downfall resulting in Jack with Juliet and Kate with Sawyer. May want to turn up the volume as something went wrong with the audio.
    Jack/Kate- Sorry
  • Sawyer/Kate- November Rain

    by Freckles815 03-14-2008
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate knew each other before the island. They got into trouble and had a daughter together and after the crash, the slowly are drawn back together and eventually rescued. Enjoy!
    Sawyer/Kate- November Rain
1-9 of 9 Videos 1