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Bio: So ... My Laptop crashed and i am in the process of getting new clips :D I will be back soon hopefully

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  • When You're Gone AU

    by Freckles08 02-22-2009
    Lost: Jack breaks up with Kate and she doesn't deal with it well. She turns to friends Juliet for support but is shocked when she finds out who Jack left her for contains scenes of self harm
    When You're Gone AU
  • Connection

    by Freckles08 02-08-2009
    Lost: Both with troubled past two people crash on a island and find out they have a connection.
  • Say It Right: Juliet and Sawyer

    by Freckles08 01-18-2009
    Lost: Juliet has feelings for Sawyer but he is with a pregnant Kate. Juliet finds out that Kate is cheating on him with Jack so she tells Saywer in the hope that he will finally leave Kate but will he do it?
    Say It Right: Juliet and Sawyer
  • Run

    by Freckles08 12-13-2008
    Lost: AU Kate and Sawyer are together and allready have one child but when he is shot Kate finds her self pregnant again not only that but she has to deal with the guilt of kissing Jack.
  • Holidays Are Coming

    by Freckles08 12-01-2008
    Lost: I'm so excited for Xmas already lol Heres my version of this great Advert.
    Holidays Are Coming
  • Flying Without Wings- Ensemble

    by Freckles08 11-07-2008
    Lost: The Losties are all looking for something Love, Friendship, Family Destiny and this video is just about the fact they have found it. I know its Chessy lol
    Flying Without Wings- Ensemble
  • 7 Things

    by Freckles08 11-02-2008
    Lost: The 7 Things Kate Hates about Sawyer. I tried to make the lyrics fit with the clips.
    7 Things
  • Better In Time (PB&J)

    by Freckles08 10-24-2008
    Lost: Claire is Pregnant with Charlie's baby but when he dies she feels she can't go on. She starts to have visions and memories of him so the losties help her though it.
    Better In Time (PB&J)
  • I Hate This Part

    by Freckles08 10-20-2008
    Lost: Kate is with Jack but as his Dad dies he gets out of control. Kate can no longer play the good housewive anymore and leaves but as Jack cleans himself up is it too late.
    I Hate This Part
  • How Soon Is Now

    by Freckles08 10-13-2008
    Lost: October 2008 Contest Submission. AU If kate can't have charlie then nobody can!
    How Soon Is Now
  • LOST The Movie

    by Freckles08 10-02-2008
    Lost: A Movie Trailer for Lost. I know its a little long for a movie trailer but ah well.
    LOST The Movie
  • Vacation(Anti-Jate)

    by Freckles08 09-22-2008
    Lost: Sawyer knows a girl who's obsessed with a guy.
  • How Do I Breathe

    by Freckles08 09-15-2008
    Lost: Kate is gone and Sawyer is missing her like mad. Bit of a predictable ending but hey.
    How Do I Breathe
  • Viva Forever: The Lost Girls

    by Freckles08 09-08-2008
    Lost: Just a video about Claire, Kate and Sun and how they have Lost the men that they love.
    Viva Forever: The Lost Girls
  • Juliet:The Way That I Love You AU

    by Freckles08 09-06-2008
    Lost: My First Time with Vegas. Juliet is with Sawyer and sees him with Kate so she decides to get revenge but this go horribly wrong.
    Juliet:The Way That I Love You AU
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