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Deej (apartment42)

Username: Deej
Alternate Name: apartment42
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Website: apartment42.com
Email: deej240z@earthlink.netLVI
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  • Sawyer in 296 Seconds

    by Deej 02-29-2008
    Lost: The entire history of Sawyer in 296 seconds. Tortured Sawyer. Beat up Sawyer. Black shirt Sawyer. No shirt Sawyer. Badass Sawyer. Kickass Sawyer. Lovelorn Sawyer. Bookworm Sawyer... They're all here. Inspired by simplespark.com's 5000 web apps in 333 seco
    Sawyer in 296 Seconds
  • Sawyer's World

    by Deej 07-13-2005
    Lost: It's Sawyer's world. Everyone else just lives in it.
    Sawyer's World
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