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CharCassie24 (Cassie)

Username: CharCassie24
Alternate Name: Cassie
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Website: http://www.microscopicpuppy.com
Email: cassie24@gmail.comLVI
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Bio: I'm a 26yr old illustrator/animator/media artist who loves LOST and LOTR. Jate is Fate :) Constructive crit welcome. I'm often at the 'Lage (Char). My fav characters: 1. Tie between Season1Locke & Season3Jack 2. Kate 3. Sawyer 4. Ben 5. Hurley

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  • Crybaby

    by CharCassie24 05-23-2009
    Lost: Let's make fun of Jack today. Just a simple vid for a laugh.
  • A Prayer for Sun

    by CharCassie24 04-22-2008
    Lost: A Sun Character Study. Will Sun find happiness & redemption?
    A Prayer for Sun
  • Your Face

    by CharCassie24 01-14-2008
    Lost: Nobody said love is easy, but Jate is Fate. A Revamp of my first Jate vid.
    Your Face
  • The Others Theme Song

    by CharCassie24 12-18-2007
    Lost: My 1st lost vid that I'm truly proud of. Ben and The Others/Hostiles Theme Song. This was fun to make. Some little inside jokes/associations for Lost fans. Humorous.
    The Others Theme Song
1-4 of 4 Videos 1