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Callie1327 (Callie)

Username: Callie1327
Alternate Name: Callie
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Other Fandoms: Chuck
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/Callie1327#p/u/2/vH8mK
Email: callieforch@cox.netLVI
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  • It's Been Awhile

    by Callie1327 12-23-2009
    Lost: Older vid I thought I would post, guess it turned out okay. We all know poor Kate and Sawyer are troubled souIs but like the song say all that bleep seems to disapear when I'm with you. love Staind and all their songs are extremely Skatey this song inclu
    It's Been Awhile
  • I'm Drowning, I'm Slipping

    by Callie1327 12-06-2009
    Lost: Quick Experimental Skate vid. I'm trying to show more of an artsy side with this one. Enjoy!
    I'm Drowning, I'm Slipping
  • Look Right Through Me

    by Callie1327 11-14-2009
    Lost: more............Spectacularly PHENOMENAL EPIC skateness for you :).To be honest I have no idea where this vid is going, no story blah blah just a solid song which is so beautiful and seriously only skate can pull off these kind of songs. Anyway enjoy! Plz
    Look Right Through Me
  • What If The Storm Ends?

    by Callie1327 11-08-2009
    Lost: I am really happy with this one. Worked on it forever! Please let me know what you think! :) enjoy the epicness that is skate!
    What If The Storm Ends?
  • Never Be The Same

    by Callie1327 11-08-2009
    Lost: Sawyer will never be the same after loving Kate. This song is totally skate from beginning to end.
    Never Be The Same
1-5 of 5 Videos 1