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Belle MacFarlane

Username: Belle MacFarlane
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Supernatural, Fringe and OCs
Website: gillian-jacobs.com
Email: milakfan@live.co.ukLVI
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Bio: Hey, I'm Millie. I like creative stuff and I'm at college. Officially a Slytherin!!

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Belle MacFarlane's Videos

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  • Faces In The Crowd // Fix You

    by Belle MacFarlane 10-22-2011
    Faces In The Crowd: I loved this movie, so I opened Vegas and this happened :)
    Faces In The Crowd // Fix You
  • Abbie Riddle

    by Belle MacFarlane 08-30-2011
    Harry Potter: My new Harry Potter OC!! Played by Emily Browning, related to Tom Riddle, shipped with Draco and friends with the Golden Trio.
    Abbie Riddle
  • Fun On The Set

    by Belle MacFarlane 08-24-2011
    Multifandom: August 2011 contest submission. Gag reel vid featuring Castle, Glee, Fringe, Community, Resident Evil, Harry Potter and True Blood.
    Fun On The Set
  • The Misha Song

    by Belle MacFarlane 06-27-2011
    Actor Tribute: Parody of the Llama Song.
    The Misha Song
  • Peter and Olivia: Mine

    by Belle MacFarlane 06-02-2011
    Fringe: A happy P/O vid! :) July 2011 contest submission.
    Peter and Olivia: Mine
  • E.T.

    by Belle MacFarlane 06-02-2011
    Multifandom: The over-done supernatural couples vid to E.T.! Contains mild nudity.
  • They Didn't Stay Dead

    by Belle MacFarlane 06-02-2011
    Resident Evil: Made for my friend for her birthday - an action-packed vid of the first three Resident Evil movies :)
    They Didn't Stay Dead
  • Someone To Fall Back On

    by Belle MacFarlane 05-03-2011
    Lost: April 2011 contest submission. A look at Carrie's (Mila Kunis) closest relationships: Rene (OC played by Amy Adams), Juliet, Ana, Jack, Ben, Kelso (OC played by Robert Pattinson) and Richard.
    Someone To Fall Back On
  • Reach Out For Me

    by Belle MacFarlane 08-30-2010
    Lost: August 2010 contest submission. Character study throughout the seasons of the only 3 out of 324 original Oceanic 815 passengers to survive and leave the Island for good.
    Reach Out For Me
  • Find The Forest

    by Belle MacFarlane 08-16-2010
    Lost: This was my first full Carrie vid :) it's basically a summary of her life up to the end of season 5. Hooray for the new crossover rules ^_^ this was a while ago, lol so please don't mark me down for any varying clip sizes ;)
    Find The Forest
  • Two Seperate Worlds

    by Belle MacFarlane 08-05-2010
    Lost/Supernatural: A comparison between Mark Pellegrino's two polar opposite yet similar roles in LOST as Jacob (the God figure), and in Supernatural as Lucifer (well... the actual Devil).
    Two Seperate Worlds
  • Amen.

    by Belle MacFarlane 07-24-2010
    Lost: Original idea was for the June contest, but I never found the right song. Song mashed up by me :)
  • The Tick

    by Belle MacFarlane 07-18-2010
    Lost: four Losties join together to make a superhero team. introducing: the Tick, Arthur, Captain Liberty and Batmanuel.
    The Tick
  • Ilana :: Warrior

    by Belle MacFarlane 06-13-2010
    Lost: Not my best vid, but I've had this song in mind for Ilana for ages + I was bored on holiday so I thought, I may as well :) the audio goes a bit funny when she's talking to Ben, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fix that =/
    Ilana :: Warrior
  • Don't Leave Me :: Carrie Copeland (OC vid)

    by Belle MacFarlane 05-28-2010
    Lost: This is what would have happened in my fanfic if Richard had died in What They Died For :) so, like, it's an AU of an AU :P
    Don't Leave Me :: Carrie Copeland (OC vid)
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