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Be Lost

Username: Be Lost
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Bio: basiclly. from israel. currently in the army, plan to go to a world wide trip afterwards.. got an island i would like to visit in mind.

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  • Beautifull Lost

    by Be Lost 07-19-2005
    Lost: The Song Somewhere over the rainbow combined with the song Beautifull World in a cool amazing island rythem. with all cast showing the beautifull fun moments of lost and the people on the island.. promiss youll all enjoy it. note that there are 2 qualit
    Beautifull Lost
  • Camouflage - By John Locke

    by Be Lost 07-16-2005
    Lost: Awsome song, and the star.. john locke. cool vid, all locke fans will like it. that was my first one by the way.
    Camouflage - By John Locke
  • Ill Be Lost

    by Be Lost 07-14-2005
    Lost: Amazing song, For The Best Lost.. Youll love it.
    Ill Be Lost
1-3 of 3 Videos 1