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Arisa (Kristina)

Username: Arisa
Alternate Name: Kristina
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Email: kris.ha@web.deLVI
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Bio: Hello, my name is Kristina. I'm from Germany and 20 years old. I love LOST, especially the character Benjamin Linus. So most of the time it's him whom I make videos of. I also really like the twisted relationships between Ben and Alex and Ben and Locke. My favorite ships are Ben/Juliet, Jack/Kate (I've been a Jater since the very beginning) and Daniel/Charlotte. Well, I think my videos aren't that bad, but I have to improve a lot. Because of that I'd be glad if you'd tell me what I did right and what I could do better =3

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  • Ben&Alex ~ Rebirthing

    by Arisa 10-29-2010
    Lost: After Alex' death Ben died inside. But now, in the afterlife, they both came alive again. Because it's happiness and love that makes people feel alive.
    Ben&Alex ~ Rebirthing
  • Ben to Alex ~ Believe

    by Arisa 09-18-2010
    Lost: Ben is aware of his mistakes, but while meeting Alex again in the afterlife, he hopes she still believes in him and realizes she's all that he needs. Enjoy! =3
    Ben to Alex ~ Believe
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