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AngelNanoo (AngelNana)

Username: AngelNanoo
Alternate Name: AngelNana
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Other Fandoms: youtube as AngelGirl277, here as AngelNana, myfandoms as AngelNana, orkut as AngelNana
Email: angelic_nana91@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: I'm AngelNana but for some reason, after the 5.0 change i couldn't log in so i created a new account with improved videos using Sony Vegas 7...Enjoy! :)

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  • I Won't Say (I'm In Love)

    by AngelNanoo 08-29-2008
    Lost: kate won't admit she's in love with sawyer...i wanted to submit it to the august contest but the song was already claimed!
    I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
  • Little Wonders

    by AngelNanoo 06-07-2008
    Lost: James gets sick with a terminal disease and when he dies, his wife kate finds out that she is pregnant...the only thing that keeps her company is the ghost of her dead love, and when the baby is born...the ghost disappears...
    Little Wonders
  • Come Out of the Shade

    by AngelNanoo 11-03-2007
    Lost: Kate finally choses between Jack and Sawyer...and she chooses Jack, only to realise that she has made the wrong choice and starts to have an affair with Sawyer...will they ever have a happily ever after?
    Come Out of the Shade
  • Far Away

    by AngelNanoo 09-04-2007
    Lost: James is in the air force and gets called for duty on a dangerous mission...the day after he leaves kate finds out that she is pregnant...will she become a widow and her child not have a father??
    Far Away
  • Taking Over Me

    by AngelNanoo 07-02-2007
    Lost: James and Kate had the perfect relationship until he had a one night stand with ana lucia, and got caught by Kate! They break up only to realize that they cannot live without each other!
    Taking Over Me
  • Hero

    by AngelNanoo 06-15-2007
    Lost: READ FIRST! a crossover between skate and the hero music video. Kate runs away from jack with Sawyer and steals all his money, so Jack hires Pickett to kill Sawyer...
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