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Username: Akirehtur
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Website: http://vimeo.com/user1218467

Bio: My name's Erika, I'm 17 and Swedish. I came across this site about a year ago and watched videos here for a few months or so, then I decided to give vidding a try and it became my new hobby. And of course, anyone who's watched my vids can tell I'm a jate fan ;)

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  • Losing your Memory, Jack/Kate

    by Akirehtur 06-08-2010
    Lost: Long time no see, but now that my favorite show is over and since it's been such a long time since I made a Lost vid, I just had to make one of my favorite TV-couple. I hope you'll enjoy it.
    Losing your Memory, Jack/Kate
  • Open Your Eyes (Lost/Prison Break Crossover)

    by Akirehtur 10-03-2008
    Lost: This is a crossover between Kate from Lost and Michael from Prison Break. I'd advice you to read the full description on Youtube because it's got a pretty long story...
    Open Your Eyes (Lost/Prison Break Crossover)
  • Made To Be Broken

    by Akirehtur 05-17-2008
    Lost: Even though everything seems to be broken, Jack and Kate will always find their way back to each other...
    Made To Be Broken
  • My Skin

    by Akirehtur 03-07-2008
    Lost: Jack and Kate, both on and off the island...
    My Skin
  • Stolen

    by Akirehtur 02-10-2008
    Lost: Just another Jate vid I made...Anyway, hope you like it ;)
  • She Will Be Loved

    by Akirehtur 11-12-2007
    Lost: A Kate vid. It's mostly off-island and focus on her relationship with Tom, Kevin, the Marshal and Jack. My apologizeses to skaters for not including Sawyer ;)
    She Will Be Loved
  • The Story

    by Akirehtur 10-04-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate barely know anything about each others past but in the end it doesn't matter because they're made for each other :)
    The Story
  • I said I'd die for you

    by Akirehtur 09-23-2007
    Lost: AU Jack and Kate used to be married but now they kinda hate each other. Its a mixture of how good it used to be, how they fell apart and how bad it is now
    I said I'd die for you
  • Sheepdog

    by Akirehtur 09-19-2007
    Lost: What a surprise, I made another jate-vid! :)
  • The Scientist

    by Akirehtur 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest 1st place winner! AU, after the rescue Jack and Kate can't be together and Jack wants to go back to the start...
    The Scientist
  • Call me when you're sober

    by Akirehtur 07-04-2007
    Lost: June 2007 contest 3rd place winner!
    Call me when you're sober
  • Run

    by Akirehtur 05-28-2007
    Lost: It starts with how Jack (years after he lost Kate and got off the island) wants to die and he remembers all the time he and Kate had together the dangers they got through and how they thought that they would always be together... I might just add that thi
  • In my place

    by Akirehtur 05-26-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate are in love with each other but she is with Sawyer even though he treats her bad...
    In my place
  • Stay

    by Akirehtur 04-22-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate wish that they could stay together....
  • Blind

    by Akirehtur 04-11-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate through season 3
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