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Aimee (M.A.)

Username: Aimee
Alternate Name: M.A.
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Robin Hood, Instant Star, Skins
Website: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Aimee3
Email: mony3@live.caLVI
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Bio: My name is M.A. and I am a 22 years old university student from Montreal. I love watching and making vids (especially in the middle of the night). I'm also an aspiring writer (writing and vidding are my creative outlets). I create my vids with Ulead Videostudio and Vegas.

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  • Toxic

    by Aimee 06-18-2008
    Lost: A tongue in cheek look at Sawyer's toxicity. I was making a vid to this song for another fandom, and thought that it would be fun to do a bit of it with Sawyer...so here it is.
  • Fever Dream - S4 Credits

    by Aimee 03-31-2008
    Lost: March 2008 Contest 3rd place winner!
    Fever Dream - S4 Credits
  • The Sun Will Set for You

    by Aimee 01-18-2008
    Lost: The crash. Before. During. After.
    The Sun Will Set for You
  • LOST - Season 3 Recap

    by Aimee 10-08-2007
    Lost: Simple vid about season 3.
    LOST - Season 3 Recap
  • Back as we are

    by Aimee 08-29-2007
    Lost: No matter how many times Sawyer and Kate go back to the start, they always come back as they are. Can they change their fate? AUish.
    Back as we are
  • All you've Ever Wanted

    by Aimee 08-29-2007
    Lost: The evolution of Skate, from strangers to friends and finally to lovers. No matter how many times Kate tries to deny her feelings for Sawyer, the llittle things she does, give her true feelings away.
    All you've Ever Wanted
  • Twisted Logic

    by Aimee 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest submission. A vid about the ups and downs of the couples on LOST (how they are always going backwards, forwards, and then backwards again in their relationships). Skate, PB&J, Shoone, Shayid, Dope, Jacket and Jun.
    Twisted Logic
  • Somewhere a Clock is Ticking

    by Aimee 05-28-2007
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer have a push and pull relationship, but it's in each other that they'll find redemption.
    Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
  • Breathe Me

    by Aimee 05-27-2007
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer's developing relationship from the beginning to the mini-arc.
    Breathe Me
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