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  • Why (Jate AU)

    by 2ndTourofFinland 10-05-2009
    Lost: After breaking up with Jack, Kate marries Kevin. Jack is desperately trying to find out why Kate left him for this guy.
    Why (Jate AU)
  • Pray For St Francis (Charlie)

    by 2ndTourofFinland 03-04-2009
    Lost: This was actually for the September 08 contest but i never got around to putting it up. Its about Charlie's last pray, as he looks back at the memories of his life, in his final momnets.
    Pray For St Francis (Charlie)
  • Wonderful (Aaron)

    by 2ndTourofFinland 03-03-2009
    Lost: A video that shows how Aaron is feeling about everything that is going on around him.
    Wonderful (Aaron)
  • Glove Slap (Sawyer)

    by 2ndTourofFinland 08-03-2008
    Lost: A tribute to all the times Sawyer has been beaten up by the Losties. Contains literal Sawyer bashing. Thanks to SassyLostie for the picture!
    Glove Slap (Sawyer)
  • Not In Portland

    by 2ndTourofFinland 07-28-2008
    Lost: July 2008 Contest Submission. When Juliet accepts a job at Mittelos Bioscience she is thrust into a web of lies and deceit as Ben does everything he can to keep her from leaving the island and him.
    Not In Portland
  • I'll Pay You To Shoot Him

    by 2ndTourofFinland 07-21-2008
    Lost: A canon vid about Kate's obsession with killing her father Wayne and all the ways it ruins her life.
    I'll Pay You To Shoot Him
  • Zzyzx Rd (Jack)

    by 2ndTourofFinland 07-14-2008
    Lost: Three years after leaving the island with the rest of the Oceanic 6 Jack is overwhelmed with guilt over the consequences of some of the decisions he made.
    Zzyzx Rd (Jack)
1-7 of 7 Videos 1