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2maney (AmouSH)

Username: 2maney
Alternate Name: AmouSH
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  • How to save a life

    by 2maney 07-19-2007
    Lost: kate wanted to save jack's life but he didn't need her to, after she saved him and got him back but in the same time, she lost him.
    How to save a life
  • Wherever u will go

    by 2maney 07-19-2007
    Lost: A video about how jack and kate want to be together.
    Wherever u will go
  • She will be loved

    by 2maney 07-19-2007
    Lost: jack's realtionship with kate and juliet
    She will be loved
  • JaTe MoMents

    by 2maney 07-19-2007
    Lost: some of the speical Jate moments we all loved in season 3 using the lost theme music.
    JaTe MoMents
1-4 of 4 Videos 1