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  • Nobody's Home

    by -x- Angelic -x- 08-29-2006
    Lost: Character Analysis of Claire. Looking at her life on and off the island. Can charlie save her from her nightmare or is he already too late?
    Nobody's Home
  • There Youll Be

    by -x- Angelic -x- 06-27-2006
    Lost: Au Vid Lost. When Charlie goes out to save Aaron again and protect Claire, things go from bad to worse. How will Claire react when this time he doesnt return...
    There Youll Be
  • Love? Hate? Desirable?

    by -x- Angelic -x- 05-28-2006
    Lost: Love Sawyer and Ana Lucia
    Love? Hate? Desirable?
  • How am I supposed to live without you

    by -x- Angelic -x- 05-06-2006
    Lost: From Jacks pov. He learns that his girlfriend Kate has secretly been seeing sawyer. How will he cope with loosing the one thing that kept him going? He tries to rise above it and show toeveryone he doesnt care but it proves harder than he thought!
    How am I supposed to live without you
  • Trouble

    by -x- Angelic -x- 05-01-2006
    Lost: AU Vid.Jack and Kate have a messy past.Things get out of hand and when Kate is left no choice but to run away Jack does everything in his power to go after her to make sure justice is served.
  • Beautiful Disaster

    by -x- Angelic -x- 04-02-2006
    Lost: How Claire feels about Charlie and his drug addiction.How she deals with his mood swings and change in personality.One minute hes sweet the next hes a danger to everyone around him.Shes not strong enough to save him from his nightmares.Claire battles w
    Beautiful Disaster
  • Hero

    by -x- Angelic -x- 03-26-2006
    Lost: Tribute to Jack.He is the island hero and leader no matter how much he tells him self hes not.But does he really have what it takes?
  • Drowning

    by -x- Angelic -x- 03-06-2006
    Lost: This is allabout how Boone feels about shannon.How she strings him along.But when he dies she realises that she felt something for him all along.How will she be able to live with out him... or wont she?
  • Mistakes Destinies and Fate

    by -x- Angelic -x- 03-02-2006
    Lost: Claire and Jack obviously have a past.But what could have gone on to make them so negative towards each other?When fate puts them on the same plane that crashes on a deserted island they are forced to interact with each other once more.Jack finds his feel
    Mistakes Destinies and Fate
  • Let Me Love You

    by -x- Angelic -x- 02-20-2006
    Lost: Claire finally puts an end to her friendship with charlie. But as Charlie takes a look back at the good times theyve had he just cant see why its so hard for her to return his feelings and why she just wont let him love her!
    Let Me Love You
  • No Worries

    by -x- Angelic -x- 02-18-2006
    Lost: This is about the troubles they come across on the island and how they try to leave but things keep getting in their way!
    No Worries
  • I Need You

    by -x- Angelic -x- 02-14-2006
    Lost: Although Jack may seem like a natural born leader deep down he still needs someone to show him the way. That some one is the one and only Kate!
    I Need You
  • Addicted to Love

    by -x- Angelic -x- 02-04-2006
    Lost: Love Triangle:Jack/Kate/Sawyer.This is a tale about the developing relationship between Kate and Jack.But as Jack and Sawyer begin to argue, Kate and Sawyer only begin to grow closer together.How will Jack react when he learns of Kate and Sawyers affair?B
    Addicted to Love
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