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My first Lost OC Fic - All I Need

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:18 pm    Post subject: My first Lost OC Fic - All I Need Reply with quote

All I Need

Summary: Yes this is yet another fic from me, only it's a little different from my usual ones. This features an original character called Declan who is one of the Others and who helped Claire escape in 'Maternity Leave'. This will end up being a Claire/OC story, so please don't leave angry comments about her and Charlie being meant to end up together. They did in the show, now I'm being creative and using the 'what if' line to make something else happen. Hope you like it Dedicated to Kat (LittletonPace) at LVI, for inspiring and helping me. This is set mid season two, around the episode Maternity Leave. I've not tried an OC fic before, so forgive me if it seems a little slow at first.


Chapter 1: All I want

Against the backdrop of an ocean blue sky, a lone figure stood up, standing at a measly 5'4" and with a mop of chunky brown hair, some of which spilled across his eyes, resting on his head, drenched in sweat and dirt from the day's events.

Declan Martin leaned on the spade he'd currently been digging with, reminiscing about the girl he couldn't quite forget. Blonde hair, rapturously beautiful and with eyes as unforgettable as the brightest star in the sky, it wasn't hard to understand why his concentration on the task in hand had taken a sudden hit. He was musing about Claire Littleton, trying to remember every detail about her at the risk of becoming insane for holding onto someone he had no right to hold on to.

What bugged him the most was that his mind was in two halves about her - part of him was intrigued, enthralled by her, whilst the other shut down every time his thoughts vaguely hovered around her, determined to protect him from more heartbreak, which he supposed was fair enough.

The fact that she looked like her, however, was probably the most fascinating – and subsequently heartbreaking – thing about her.

He pushed away his fringe, wiped his forehead with the handkerchief he always kept in his pocket, and paused to take in his surroundings which was, essentially, a dirt track. Ok, it lacked the bikes and such but it wasn't exactly shaping up the way Ben had wanted it to be. Not that he had any idea what it was supposed to be, seeing how this wasn't exactly what you'd call his natural habitat.

In truth, it was a far cry from the pristine, sterile environment of the labs he was used to working in, both on and off the island. He wasn't what you'd call a 'people person', and this kind of labour – communal labour, Danny had mockingly called it– wasn't what he was used to.

Off the island he'd been a college dropout, after buckling under pressure. He'd wanted to be a doctor so badly, but realised he'd be a lousy one after he'd passed out at the sight of blood. He'd tried numerous college courses – dentistry, journalism, even textiles – but couldn't complete them for various reasons. He'd been stuck behind the till of a shop when Richard Alpert had found him, who'd persuaded him his talents were being wasted and that there was a special place where he could put them to good use. Not sure what his talents were exactly, Declan had reluctantly agreed to wave his old life goodbye and start anew on an unchartered island.

He coughed loudly, which immediately awoke him from his trance like state.

The dust and hard labour wasn't exactly good for his asthma, so he'd had to keep sneaking hits from his inhaler. If anyone found out about his inhaler, it was guaranteed someone would try to take it for a laugh. He was the source of everyone's practical jokes here, and he'd gotten used to it by now. They made digs at him for everything, like the fact he was scrawny in both size and stature. What he lacked in muscle power, he'd reasoned, he made up for in brain size.

He was on Hydra Island in the baking heat helping to dig out a runway for God only knew what purpose. Normally, such tasks he would've considered beneath him but they were two men down, after Ethan and Goodwin's reconnaissance mission had ended disastrously for them both. With two men dead, it wasn't hard to understand why there was such intense hatred for the survivors of Oceanic 815. He wasn't exactly upset about it, but it certainly put a lot of things into perspective for him. Death wasn't a stranger to him and he was used to losing the people he loved and respected like it was an every day occurrence.

"One day," Danny, the beefy, gruff voiced man working beside him, commented, "we won't be doing this shit. We've got better things to do than this, surely? Why can't we just round up a couple of the survivors and get them to do this?"

"Don't you think we've done enough to them?" Declan offered, inwardly cringing at voicing his opinion in front of such a violent looking man.

"Not as half as we ought to have done," Danny grumbled, chipping away at the rocks with an unnecessary amount of aggression. "By my reckoning, they've done more to us than we have to them. We haven't killed any of their group as of yet, or at least we wouldn't have if Ethan hadn't been fundamentally stupid and killed that Steve guy…"

"Wasn't it Scott?" Declan asked, remembering flicking through the passenger's files with Juliet. He had a fairly accurate memory when it came to these sorts of things.

"Whatever." Danny shrugged, evidently not bothered. "Doesn't matter either way – they've killed two of us and we can't just let that go."

Declan wanted to protest that two wrongs didn't make a right but what was the use? He'd only be mocked and humiliated and, to be honest, he could've done without the attention. He sensed that one day Danny Pickett would exact personal revenge on the survivors; how and when remained to be seen but he knew that it was almost a certainty because Danny was just not the kind of person who was good at 'letting go'.

He shrugged and fell back into reminiscing about Claire. He'd not had long with her, just the occasional hour or so each day because she'd needed to be constantly guarded, though he'd failed to see why. She'd been pregnant and slightly disorientated most of time, which, in his eyes, hadn't constituted the need for guards.

He wondered if she'd had the baby by now and, if so, what sex it was.

Unlike everyone else, he'd actually tried to get to know her and tried to make sure she could trust him. He wasn't exactly a confident person, nor was he keen on making friends but something in her face – maybe it was the way she'd seemed so lost and frightened – had reassured him that he could do this, that he was capable of conversing with a human being other than the people he already knew and trusted.

Of course he knew by now exactly what it was he'd seen in her which had made him want to get to know her, although over time he'd slowly forgotten that. He still remembered the shock of first seeing her, which must've been weeks ago but it felt like years…


Thursday 7th October, 2004

"Did you hear, Declan?" someone called to him across the canteen.

He turned and saw Danny, ever the bully around here, smirking at him and sauntering towards him.

Declan, who'd only been going to get some lunch, stared frantically around, searching for some kind of escape. From experience, he'd learned that any conversation with Danny Pickett was bound to end up with him feeling smaller than he'd ever felt before.

"Heard what?" he ventured bravely.

"Ethan's gone to retrieve the pregnant woman from their camp," Danny informed him, towering above him as if dwarfing him had become a hobby by now.

"What?" Declan felt panicked. "Why? We're not ready for her! I haven't even prepared the room…" He trailed off, feeling stressed already.

"From what Ethan's said, the others are close to sussing out he's not on the plane so it has to be now," Danny explained. "You've gotta go to The Staff now. He's already told us where she is so I'm off to help."

He left without further explanation, leaving Declan standing there looking helpless. What was he supposed to do? Did consultation meetings not mean squat anymore? What had happened to basic communication around here?

With an irritated sigh, Declan scurried off to send a message to Juliet, who above everyone else, would need to know about this.

He hated trekking across the jungle; everyone knew that. The often suffocating temperatures of the jungle often meant his rare jungle expeditions often resulted in him keeling over with breathlessness but this time he was prepared. He cut across the jungle determinedly, eyes fixed ahead with his arms swinging by his side like a soldier. Thankfully, this little trip seemed to go without a hitch.

Looking around carefully, he peeled back the blanket of leaves which covered the entrance and opened the doors, freezing when he heard footsteps from behind him.

"Dec? That you? Thank God!" Ethan lurched out of the bushes, wearing an expression of relief.

He turned and saw both Ethan and Danny half carrying and half dragging an unconscious woman towards the station, her hair flung across her face wildly with her clothes covered in mud. He'd known they were going to take her from camp, but he didn't think they'd meant like this.

"What happened?" he demanded, surprisingly angry. "Why have you brought her now? You knew we weren't ready…"

"Take her inside," Ethan interrupted, ignoring his questions. "She wasn't alone and I need to get rid of the other one. Shepherd's following us and I had to drag her here first, before he found 'em both."

"Other? Other what?" Declan followed him outside the station.

He got a thirty second glimpse of another body, male this time, before he found himself being shoved back inside.

"Just take her inside!" Ethan yelled. "I've already lost time dragging them both here. I'm going to take this one and…"

Declan didn't hear the end of the sentence but feared the man's fate wasn't exactly to be a good one. He was divided between two causes – should he defend the man or help the woman? Chivalry won over morality for the moment and he turned his attention on the woman.
He couldn't resist peeping out the door though and saw Ethan, followed by an overeager Danny, drag off a second body somewhat aggressively, before turning his attention to the pregnant woman. He approached her cautiously before slipping his arms around her and carefully hoisting her body up, half carrying and half dragging her into the concealed surgical room.

He scooped her up in his arms, which was a struggle in itself, and lifted her onto the bed. Juliet was due to arrive soon, just to check the woman over and make sure the foetus was healthy. Until then, he had to clean her up a little bit.

Declan dipped a cloth in cold water and wiped the mud off of her face and arms. He then prepared the ultrasound and gently tipped a dribble of water into Claire's mouth, just to stir her a little bit into consciousness. Her face, despite the sedative she'd been given, was fixed in an expression of fright and he began to wonder how Ethan had managed to end up with two captives rather than one, and what the fate of the man was. There was something about her face which reminded him of her, whether it was the childlike quality to her face or something else…


Thank heavens, he thought to himself, someone sensible has arrived.

Juliet smiled tentatively as she walked in and he felt calmer as she started to take over. He'd worked with her for two and a half years and he felt like he knew everything there was to know about her, although she did have the habit of surprising him when it came to certain situations.

She looked very professional today, wearing her white coat with her tied back into a ponytail. She stepped forwards and, he noticed, her eyes were red, as if she'd been crying. He knew she'd been finding island life tougher than usual after seeing her sister on the screen in the Flame station but she was normally so strong. She was one of the few people around here who could display strength that was admirable rather than strength that could've easily been mistaken for bullying.

"How is she?" Juliet asked, gazing at the unconscious woman with sympathy.

"Fine," Declan commented. "I think Ethan was a bit rough as usual but she looks ok."

Try rapturously beautiful and then try way out of your league, his mind added and he cringed, as if this thought had been completely filthy. He gazed at his finger, at the promise ring which lingered there, and closed his eyes as he tried to banish these demonic thoughts which haunted him.

"Ethan always is rough," Juliet commented, checking Claire's pulse and heartbeat before lifting up her shirt in preparation for the ultrasound. "Why'd he bring Pace anyway?"

"Pace?" Declan repeated, unfamiliar with the name.

"Charlie Pace," Juliet elaborated. "He was with her when Ethan encountered them."

"I dunno," Declan replied, shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe they were together and he couldn't persuade him to leave peacefully."

Juliet shrugged, accepting the explanation and gazed at the machine as she rubbed the gelatinous liquid along Claire's stomach. She smiled, unused to seeing such a strong heartbeat on the screen and gazed over at Declan, who wore an awed expression like hers. They both smiled at each other, both thinking the same thing.

"It's strange, huh," she commented, "seeing a developed foetus like this on our screens?"

"Yeah," Declan said, smiling at her.

He gazed at the unconscious woman and tucked a stray hair out of her eyes, despite the fact it was a pointless action to make. He was sad she was here, taken from her friends and unaware of what was going on. He wanted to help her, to keep her safe but he had no idea how. Again, the extraordinary resemblance to…her seemed to keep his gaze attached to her.

"Declan?" Juliet called softly. "You still here?"

"Yeah," he said, snapping his head up. "Yeah, I'm still here."


The sun withdrew for a brief moment, allowing a gust of cool wind to surround the small group who'd either volunteered or were here out of some sort of punishment. You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief as the heat began to subside.

Declan took a swig of water from his flash and then decided he'd had enough. This wasn't what he'd signed up for, although now he came to think about it, he wasn't really sure what he'd actually signed up for. He barely even remembered how and why he'd even agreed to come to this godforsaken spit of land, only that his life had been upended to the point where he would've agreed to anything if only to be relieved from the pain.

He was twenty three, but felt fifty sometimes. This was primarily down to the fact that he felt like he'd had more heartache and disaster than was normal for a twenty three year old. In fact, being in his twenties was supposed to have been a good thing. He should've been celebrating it with friends, family. Not that he'd had many friends to begin with and his family had slowly dwindled over time.

"Where ya going, Martin?" Danny demanded, noticing he'd stopped digging.

"I'm done," Declan told him. "I've done an afternoon's work, which is what I promised Ben. I'm going home."

The satisfaction of seeing Danny speechless wore off momentarily. He'd never been one for gloating and, as he trekked across the jungle in search of the Hydra station, he soon put it out of his mind.

He cut across the jungle and met Juliet on the shore. She looked radiant, as always, as the sunlight bounced off her hair, giving it a shine which only haloes seemed to possess. She was forbidden territory, as everyone knew. If Ben even suspected you liked her, you ended up 'disappearing'. Goodwin was a mark of what would happen if you were stupid enough to get caught. He still maintained that school boy crush on her, but he'd accepted they would be nothing more than friends.

"Hey," she greeted him. "You ready to go?"

"I don't see why we needed to come here in the first place," he grumbled.

She smiled and rested a patient arm on his shoulders.

"We just needed to lay low for a while," she explained patiently. "Locke almost stumbled onto our trail a couple of times, and I don't need to explain how angry Ben will be if they ever find us. Then he'll never let us go home."

They shared a glance which seemed to convey their desperation to believe they still had a shot at getting off this island. Both of them hated it here, what with the fact they practically lived under a dictatorship and the fact they knew their hearts no more belonged here than they did. Their desperation to get home was another reason for their close friendship, something which Ben never seemed to feel at ease with.

"Do you think Ben will keep his promise?" he murmured, meeting her eyes.

She looked uncertain and this frightened him. Used to the headstrong woman, if any uncertainty or doubt showed on her face it was a mark of the troubling times which undoubtedly lay ahead.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I don't know if I believe in his promises anymore. I've been begging for a little over two years to go home and yet I'm still here. I've been waiting to see my sister and my niece for a long time."

She closed her eyes and, from Declan's point of view, it looked like she was fighting back tears. He felt awkward, like he was intruding on a private moment. Then she opened her eyes and she softly smiled at him and he saw there was no trace of a tear in her eyes. Either she was an impressive actress or he'd, once again, made a snap, almost sexist, judgement.

She suddenly tilted her head, examining him closely, and narrowed her eyes, as if a sudden thought had dawned on her.

"You still think she's alive, don't you?" she asked, somewhat incredulously. "That's why you want to go back."

Declan shrugged, not wanting Juliet to see the desire and utter longing which was rooted in his eyes for that to be true.

"I still have hope," he confessed. "I miss her like crazy, Juliet. I can't understand why she would leave like that."

Juliet frowned, evidently not satisfied with his answer. She reached into her jean pocket and pulled it out, carefully folding down the creases like it was something special to her.

"I took the, er, liberty of finding out who she was," she said softly. "I found out a couple of interesting things."

Declan turned red and realised this had been a long time coming. His steel blue eyes filled with tears and he desperately tried concealing them. Trouble was, he was never a very good liar, even to himself.

"She looks an awful lot like Claire," Juliet said, her frown deepening. "Is that why you've become so attached to her?"

He didn't answer, which was as good a confession really.

"I also found out something else…" Juliet began, hurt resting in her eyes. "Something you've been keeping from everyone else; from me."

Before he could find out what she'd found out, an impatient Ben waved them over, his expression constantly changing from jealousy to indifference like traffic lights.

"You ready to go back?" he asked them quietly.

"Yes," Juliet replied quietly, deliberately evading Declan's eyes.

"Yes," Declan repeated, ready to abandon this equally godforsaken place and go back to avoiding everyone and everything.

They boarded the small boat they had somehow acquired. Declan wanted to apologize for not being entirely honest with Juliet but she walked away, quite unfairly he'd thought, without giving him chance to find out what she knew. Before she did, however, she'd turned and given him a quizzical look, as if trying to gage how he would react to this news before she'd given it.

"Claire had her baby," she informed him coolly. "It was a healthy baby boy who she called Aaron. Austen helped deliver him a couple of weeks ago."

Declan couldn't help but smile at that. The bitter sting of betrayal couldn't help but sink in as he realised she'd known this for a long time.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked quietly.

She seemed to think about it for a while.

"I need someone to trust, Dec," she said heavily. "If you're not telling me things, it means you don't trust me. The last thing I need or want is to lose your friendship. If I'm not losing you to Claire, I'm losing you to your past. I'm sorry."

She quickly walked off, the unmistakeable sign of tears sparkling in her eyes.

Declan watched her and wondered if it was his destiny to inadvertently hurt every woman in his life and subsequently cause them to leave. He watched Juliet disappear to the front of the boat and then sighed heavily, resting against the railings and electing to gaze peacefully at the water, wondering if he was just as bad as Ben for obsessing over a woman who would never be his.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ooh, Amy, I love this! Very different and interesting. You're a very good writer too. Can't wait to read more!

art by me&tammy
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

awww thank youuuu very kind of you *hugs*

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Expert Vidder

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The second chapter's up if anyone's interested. I'll post the link this time. It's easier and it saves space lol



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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome story, Amy!! Aw, Declan seems so sweet! It's so cool that you made him an Other - I've been making an Other OC too, maybe they can be friends xD

Anyway, I loved the Claire/Dec interactions and his mysterious past is so intriguing! Great job
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

aw thank you Jemma! That means a lot to me!

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome first chapter! I love the connection with Ana Already Lindsey feels like such a "real" character. I can so imagine her on Lost
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