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January 2014

Contest: Contest Poll      Deadline: January 31st

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Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a great 2014 here at LVI! This is our 10th year online, which is amazing and thanks to our wonderful members & CMs!

As with all things, sometimes there needs to be changes to keep moving forward. There has been a decline in entries to our monthly contests, and for January, instead of having a contest, we want to know what you, the members/vidders of this site, would like to see to encourage you to enter more often.

In addition to the poll in this thread, we would like for you to fill out this survey. Please be as honest as possible!

What makes you, as a vidder, want to enter a particular contest? Is it the theme, the challenge, the competitiveness, all of the above? Or something else?

Do you like for a contest to be very open, with a general theme and not many rules, or do you like to see some specific rules to follow?

As a vidder and also a member of LVI, would you be interested in taking part in the voting process, such as a poll?

What do you think of changing the contests from lasting one month to having them last longer, making them less frequent but giving the vidders more time to perfect the vids?

What specifically would you like to see in our contests? Any particular fandom, artist, or theme? Be creative, feel free to put anything out there, who knows what might work out as a good contest!

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