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2015: January

January 2015

Contest: Parallel Worlds      Deadline: Feb 28

The Entries In order they entered

  • Beauty and the Beast

    by Uruviel 03-02-2015
    Beauty and the Beast/Once Upon A Time: A look at Belle & the Beast from the Disney movie, and Belle & Rumpelstiltskin from OUAT. January 2015 contest submission
    Beauty and the Beast

January/February 2015
Contest: Parallel Worlds
Deadline: Mar 2nd - extended!

The Details

Happy New Year, everyone! Since it has just been Christmas, we thought we would keep in the spirit of the season and do a contest related to some of the fun cartoons that have been playing on our television screens over the past month. It doesn't matter how old we are, we all have our favourite animations whether it be the cartoon classic Cinderella or the recent computer-animated hit movie Frozen. For this contest, we would like you to focus on a character or relationship from an animated movie or TV series – but here's the twist: you must draw parallels between your chosen cartoon and a live-action film or TV show. Ever notice any similarities between Once Upon a Time's Hook/Emma and Tangled's Flynn/Rapunzel? Make a video and show us. Or perhaps you could compare the “class conflict” between Ryan and Marissa from The OC to that of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. We will also accept videos comparing the same characters from different media – for example, a video comparing the relationship between Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from Once Upon a Time to their relationship in the original Sleeping Beauty cartoon would be a-okay just as long as the two movies/shows you choose are separate from each other (so no using the characters from Enchanted, please, as the film already purposely creates live-action personas based on cartoons in the same story and vise versa). The relationship doesn't have to be romantic, but it should be prominent enough in the story for you to be able to make a video for it.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries!

The Rules

Specific Contest Rules:

• - Make a video comparing an animated character or couple to that of a live-action character or couple.
• - No AUs or trailers.
• - Please try to focus on drawing comparisons between TWO characters or TWO couples. Make sure the characters/couples you choose are from different sources, and one MUST be animated.
• - Running time should be no longer than 5 minutes. We suggest the 3 - 5 minute range.
• - The more creative, the better. Don't be afraid to take risks.
• - When entering your video on the Submit page, you MUST enter "January 2015 contest submission" exactly in your vid's description.

General Contest Rules:

• - Contest submissions should be entered through the Submit page.
• - All regular submissions Rules apply.
• - Only one entry per vidder.
• - Videos already submitted and RELEVANT can be submitted again, but we would rather see something fresh. (Please contact a CM if you wish to enter a previously-submitted video)
• - Please do not use Rapidshare or Yousendit as your only hosting place.
• - If you're using Youtube as your primary link, please also provide us with an alternative link. Far too often, YT is either disabled or muted by the time the contest is ready to be judged. Mediafire and Sendspace are just a couple of the sites out there that can be used as reliable backup links.
• - Keep in mind that however you choose to host your video, it must be available to be watched at least until after the deadline has passed. If we can not access your video at the time of judgment it will not be considered.
• - Have fun!

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