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  • I've Loved... And I've Lost - Saul & Ellen Tigh

    by KajaM 03-04-2014
    February 2014 contest 2nd place winner! SPOILERS! Saul killed his wife Ellen for collaborating with the enemy, the humanoid Cylons - not knowing that they're Cylons themselves. While he griefs and is haunted by his memories of her, Ellen resurrects...
    I've Loved... And I've Lost - Saul & Ellen Tigh
  • Battlestar Galactica-The Way

    by DJC Productions 01-26-2014
    BSG vid focused on the characters.
    Battlestar Galactica-The Way
  • The Mercy Seat

    by cappy 05-05-2013
    A tribute to the hysterically tragic life of Felix Gaeta.
    The Mercy Seat
  • The Noose

    by cylune 10-21-2011
    The many faces of Gaius Baltar -- try as he might, he can never make amends for the things he's done.
    The Noose
  • Light In Your Eyes - Adama/Roslin

    by KajaM 09-25-2011
    An oldie, but still a fave of mine. A tribute to one of my favourite couples from BSG, Laura Roslin and Bill Adama.
    Light In Your Eyes - Adama/Roslin
  • Ur So Gay - Gaeta/Baltar

    by KajaM 07-27-2011
    Felix Gaeta is secretly in love with Gaius Baltar... who is not into boys! When Gaeta gets shot though, things seem to change. Mature language warning.
    Ur So Gay - Gaeta/Baltar
  • Before the Dawn

    by cylune 07-06-2011
    July 2011 contest submission. The deep connection between Kara and Lee.
    Before the Dawn
  • Maybe - Kat/Kara

    by KajaM 07-04-2011
    Two women, so much alike. Strong, yet stubborn, self-destructive and breakable. They tend to fight each other all the time when all they really need is to be loved.
    Maybe - Kat/Kara
  • I'm Alright || Chief/Boomer

    by Jemmz 06-08-2011
    An old vid about the tragic romance between Boomer and Chief. No intro on the Vimeo version.
    I'm Alright || Chief/Boomer
  • Colorblind

    by cylune 06-08-2011
    A Felix Gaeta tribute video. The one that will not be silent.
  • Shattered - Felix Gaeta

    by KajaM 06-08-2011
    And I lost who I am. See YT for full description. Vid pic by Cylune.
    Shattered - Felix Gaeta
  • All I Need - Boomer

    by KajaM 06-08-2011
    Boomer's journey: Being let down by the man she loved, hated by others for being a machine, she turned to the dark site. Yet she still knew how to love and hope.
    All I Need - Boomer
  • Heartbeat - Laura Roslin

    by KajaM 06-08-2011
    Naughty!Laura and her boy toys :-)
    Heartbeat - Laura Roslin
  • #1 Crush

    by cylune 06-06-2011
    The twisted relationship of Baltar and Six
    #1 Crush
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