I've Loved... And I've Lost - Saul & Ellen Tigh by KajaM



  • "I've Loved... And I've Lost - Saul & Ellen Tigh" 03-04-2014
    February 2014 contest 2nd place winner! SPOILERS! Saul killed his wife Ellen for collaborating with the enemy, the humanoid Cylons - not knowing that they're Cylons themselves. While he griefs and is haunted by his memories of her, Ellen resurrects...
  • Song: Explosions by Ellie Goulding
    Vidder: KajaM
    Length: 4:05 (115MB wmv)
    Program: Sony Vegas 11
  • Characters/Ships: Saul Tigh, Ellen Tigh


  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 11.04. at 23:13
    Fantastic vid, Karolina! I wasn't familiar with this couple but their story is really interesting. The song worked so well for their storyline. I loved the way you did the "explosions" part. I thought this was a really unique story and you did a wonderful job telling it.
  • KajaM posted on 11.03. at 13:06
    Thank you so much, Jemma, Julia and Emma!!! ♥♥♥

    Jemma, I was re-watching BSG over the last few weeks - and Boomer/Chief broke my heart all over again
  • emmasholi posted on 10.03. at 04:47
    Wow, stunning vid Karolina! It was so atmospheric, I really loved it! Awesome job!
  • eloramoon posted on 09.03. at 18:16
    That was really really really stunning, Karolina!
  • Jemmz posted on 08.03. at 15:57
    Heartbreaking! I wasn't sure about this song for this couple, but you really made it work! I think the latter half is my favourite where the music really builds up and the pace increases, it really got my emotions running! Made me remember what an epic, heartbreaking journey they went through. I think everybody was amazed to find out that in the end, they were both cylons!!! A bit like my BSG OTP, Boomer and Chief lol. I really liked your voiceovers too. Wonderful job, Karolina
  • KajaM posted on 08.03. at 04:20
    Would you ever consider vidding Baltar/Six?

    Actually, yes, I totally would! I must admit that I didn't like both much first time around - but they both (and especially Caprica) grew a lot on me on my second watch. I can't think of a song atm - but yes, I'd definitely love to give it a try someday

    Heather: Thanks so much!! Their story is difficult to tell, especially to somebody who doesn't know the show, so I'm happy to hear that the vid does make sense
  • Uruviel posted on 08.03. at 01:35
    That was great, Karolina! The storyline was so well done.
  • cappy posted on 05.03. at 12:36
    I didn't ship the Tighs until New Caprica where they completely broke my heart. But yes, they were my fave BSG ship not counting my obvious fave Baltar/Gaeta. *sniff* I loved Boomer/Chief too. Would you ever consider vidding Baltar/Six?
  • KajaM posted on 05.03. at 12:15
    Thank you, cappy!!
    I had no idea you shipped the Tighs, eee!! I must admit that - while both characters grew on me a lot while watching BSG for the first time - I was probably too busy shipping Adama/Roslin and Boomer/Chief to really notice the beauty of the Tigh lovestory.
    I completely fell for them as a couple on my second watch. What a frakked up but truly epic ship indeed!

    Thank you for commenting!! <3<3<3
  • cappy posted on 04.03. at 11:30
    Gaaaah!! This is frakking gorgeous, Kaja! My favorite BSG ship and you captured it more perfectly than I could have imagined. I especially loved all the moments of Saul being haunted by visions of Ellen and the placing of the moment when Saul realizes that Ellen is the Fifth out in the water. Love the song choice too. What a wonderful epic frakked up couple the Tighs were. Now I want to do a rewatch!
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