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  • 45

    by ZeroMuch 01-27-2005
    Lost: A Claire video with a great ending.
  • What a Mess

    by kryssiBUG 01-27-2005
    Lost: A look at Charlie’s life on the island thus far (and a little from his past).
    What a Mess
  • LOST Out Of Context - 2

    by Enchirito 01-27-2005
    Lost: Sawyer has an interesting conversation with Jack.
    LOST Out Of Context - 2
  • Worry About You

    by ZeroMuch 01-27-2005
    Lost: A little bit of everyone in a hypnotic, dream-like vid.
    Worry About You
  • Harder to Breathe

    by roane 01-27-2005
    Lost: A character study, focusing primarily on unrequited love (or unrequited something, anyway)
    Harder to Breathe
  • Lost As Folk

    by SariaAngel 01-27-2005
    Lost: A little eye candy from the island set to the intro music for Queer As Folk.
    Lost As Folk
  • Plowed

    by S. Kiley 01-27-2005
    Lost: A Lost action montage with two cliffhangers.
  • Follow Through - Start of Something Good

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Charlie and Claire have both been hurt by others. This is their journey to each other with clips of the moments that set them on the path to the island. They each needed someone to count on and in each other they found that.
    Follow Through - Start of Something Good
  • Breathing

    by xxCarolinexx 01-27-2005
    Lost: Charlie/Claire.
  • Claire and Charlie Talkin'

    by Cliodna 01-27-2005
    Lost: A mostly light-hearted bit that revolves around Charlie/Claire, and a little around just Charlie and his issues.
    Claire and Charlie Talkin'
  • Breaking the Habit

    by DreamVision 01-27-2005
    Lost: Sawyer's dark side and his struggle to fit in with the others.
    Breaking the Habit
  • Lost Overture

    by LAURA4LAD 01-27-2005
    Lost: Studying for finals is for LOSERS
    Lost Overture
  • Fate

    by LAURA4LAD 01-27-2005
    Lost: You'll recognize the song from movie trailers.
  • Essence

    by LAURA4LAD 01-27-2005
    Lost: Quite a clever video. When the song says certain words like 'car', it actually shows a scene with a car in it.
  • In My Secret Life - Mysterious Survivors

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Each survivor holds tight to a mysterious past. No matter how hard they try to hide or run from it the events from the past led them all together. This highlights some of the moments from our survivors mysterious backstories.
    In My Secret Life - Mysterious Survivors
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