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  • Lost Overture

    by LAURA4LAD 01-27-2005
    Lost: Studying for finals is for LOSERS
    Lost Overture
  • Fate

    by LAURA4LAD 01-27-2005
    Lost: You'll recognize the song from movie trailers.
  • Essence

    by LAURA4LAD 01-27-2005
    Lost: Quite a clever video. When the song says certain words like 'car', it actually shows a scene with a car in it.
  • In My Secret Life - Mysterious Survivors

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Each survivor holds tight to a mysterious past. No matter how hard they try to hide or run from it the events from the past led them all together. This highlights some of the moments from our survivors mysterious backstories.
    In My Secret Life - Mysterious Survivors
  • Porcelain

    by Charmax 01-27-2005
    Lost: The passengers of the doomed Sydney to LA flight come to terms with being lost.
  • Word Up

    by Yakkul7 01-27-2005
    Lost: A montage of characters and recent events. I love this song. Lost Video Island needs more music like this.
    Word Up
  • Burn

    by Charmax 01-27-2005
    Lost: This video is about the love, hate and rivalry between Sawyer, Kate and Jack.
  • Aerials

    by LAURA4LAD 01-27-2005
    Lost: Very well made video with perfect music.
  • Beautiful Goodbye

    by Hobbes 01-26-2005
    Lost: A desperate, passionate look at Jack and Kate, their unsure relationship, and the danger on the island.
    Beautiful Goodbye
  • Bless The Broken Road

    by Trish 01-25-2005
    Lost: Jack/Kate.
    Bless The Broken Road
  • Broken

    by Trish 01-24-2005
    Lost: An angsty Jack/Kate vid.
  • Run Away With You

    by Ally 01-21-2005
    Lost: Jack/Kate. No matter why or how, with you by myside everything is gonna be okay.
    Run Away With You
  • Fallen Angel

    by Cliodna 01-20-2005
    Lost: Kate Kate Kate.
    Fallen Angel
  • Dare You To Move

    by mattconner 01-19-2005
    Lost: Jack/crash aftermath.
    Dare You To Move
  • Are You Happy Now

    by DreamVision 01-18-2005
    Lost: A Sawyer/Kate vid.
    Are You Happy Now
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