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Leona Lewis

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  • I Got You [skins gen1]

    by Lostwithoutdom 06-02-2011
    Skins (UK): these friends will always be there for eachother, no matter what comes their way - skins gen 1
    I Got You [skins gen1]
  • I Got You [Jack & Kate]

    by Swoome 02-13-2011
    Lost: Jack and Kate always thoughtful for each other.
    I Got You [Jack & Kate]
  • Kaire|| I Got You

    by tjmack1986 04-01-2010
    Lost: No matter what happens, Kate will always be there to have Claire's back.
    Kaire|| I Got You
  • Happy

    by clairebennettforever 02-22-2010
    Lost: another skate video
  • lost stop crying your heart out

    by EMMALOUISE 11-27-2009
    Lost: An ensemble vid hope you like it
    lost stop crying your heart out
  • Sawyer/Juliet{R-U-N}

    by tjmack1986 10-23-2009
    Lost: A video showing Sawyer and Juliet's relationship. WARNING: Apparent Character Death!
  • Run - Jack/Kate

    by JackMoment 02-17-2009
    Lost: A Jate relationship study.
    Run - Jack/Kate
  • Jack and Kate - Run

    by adelicateflower 01-20-2009
    Lost: A montage of Jack and Kate. I basically wanted to pay tribute to the couple.
    Jack and Kate - Run
  • Run

    by xSoppySofax 12-18-2008
    Lost: My version of a S5 promo
  • Run

    by Freckles08 12-13-2008
    Lost: AU Kate and Sawyer are together and allready have one child but when he is shot Kate finds her self pregnant again not only that but she has to deal with the guilt of kissing Jack.
  • Jate/Misa - Run

    by lostbreakers 12-07-2008
    Lost: A jate and misa crossover, from the shows lost and prison.
    Jate/Misa - Run
  • Bleeding Love

    by Katie7710 12-01-2008
    Lost: Juliet and Sawyer are together in the real world. Juliet is kidnapped and taken to the island. By some crazy twist of fate, Sawyer's plane crashes on the island as well. Once things finally start looking up for them, Sawyer cheats with Kate. Downhill from
    Bleeding Love
  • Better In Time- Jack/Kate/Kevin

    by JateFate 11-21-2008
    Lost: Kate looks back on her life with Jack, Before her wedding to Kevin. I own nothing.
    Better In Time- Jack/Kate/Kevin
  • Better In Time (PB&J)

    by Freckles08 10-24-2008
    Lost: Claire is Pregnant with Charlie's baby but when he dies she feels she can't go on. She starts to have visions and memories of him so the losties help her though it.
    Better In Time (PB&J)
  • Bleeding Love

    by fadingspark 06-02-2008
    Lost: AU. Claire's had some bad experiences with love in the past that's made it hard to trust, but when she meets Sawyer, she feels a connection. Everyone thinks he's a bad man and that she shouldn't be with him, but Claire doesn't care because she's in love.
    Bleeding Love
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