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Member's Choice Rules

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 9:12 pm    Post subject: Member's Choice Rules Reply with quote

The goal of these votes is to determine, from the nominees, the best videos for each category on the site - be it a fandom-specific one such as Best Lost or a more general category such as Best Drama, Best Action, etc.

To do this fairly, we have some rules:

1. Be Fair

You are judging the editing skills of a vidder. This is not meant to be a popularity contest for a fandom, ship, or character, nor for the vidder themselves. Since this is our first year to have a mix of different fandoms included together, please make sure to give all of the vids in a category a fair chance by watching them and determining which vid you feel best encapsulates whatever that category is for. Don't just automatically vote for your favorite fandom or ship/character. Vote like you would hope people would vote for you, by judging your work and your skill, not the subject of your vid.

Try not to discriminate against any of the following:
    * Song Choice – just because you don't like the song, try to see beyond that to what the vidder does with the song
    * Picture quality - if it's grainy, that's not necessarily the vidder's fault and doesn't make a video better OR worse
    * Effects, coloring or textures vs lack of the same – again, try to focus on the editing, a vid with no effects isn't automatically worse than one with a ton and vice versa, look at them on a case-by-case basis
    * Video's hosting site – whether streaming such as from Youtube, Vimeo, etc. or downloadable, give them all an equal chance (and if you can't see a vid, be sure to let a CM know right away)
    * Vidders you don't know vs your friends – we all want to support our friends but, again, this isn't a popularity contest, the focus should be on the skill of the vid, not who the vidder is
    * Etc.

2. No Cheating.

This contest is for honor, thus, try to conduct yourself honorably. Voting is private. Please do not to discuss your vote with your friends, or "trade votes" with others. It breeds bad feelings, and could sway votes unfairly.

3. Specific Rules:

    * Watch ALL videos in a voting topic before voting.
    * If a video has a broken link or is blocked for you, PM a CM right away so we can hopefully get a working link for it.
    * You may vote for your own videos and we encourage you to, so everyone is on the same level.

4. Have Fun!

We hope that you will!

Aside from all the rules, just keep thinking fairly, post some comments in the threads of your favorites (that's worth more to some people than any award), and enjoy the contest! Thanks for voting, and doing your part toward crowning the Member's Choice Award winners (all of whom will go forth into the Tournament including the one that will become the Video of the Year)!

Congratulations to all nominees, and good luck!
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