Bo on the Dubstep by Vidstep




  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 02.02. at 14:27
    That was surreal (in a good way). Great editing. I had never heard of this show but it looks interesting.
  • Vidstep posted on 26.01. at 00:53
    Thanks! I stumbled upon this show on my netflix, my daughter loves it.
  • MariaPurt posted on 25.01. at 23:52
    I'm not familiar with the material (aka cartoon), but th video looks sooo professional I couldn't even tell if it was originally a music video to this song:) When I read 'dubstep' I was first aftraid you'd only use black flashes to follow the beats... But you did such an amazing job fixing the in-scene moves to the beats, omg, I loved this!
  • Jemmz posted on 24.01. at 07:11
    This was a weird one! But I found it amazing how well the clips went with the music!! Great job
  • Vidstep posted on 24.01. at 07:10
    ***Automated Message***
    "Bo on the Dubstep" 01-24-2013
    Yea... kind of a weird one.
    Fandom: Bo on the Go
    Song: Shame by Vital Techniques
    Vidder: Vidstep
    Length: 1:34 (148MB MP4)


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