Claire's Diary by Faith5by5

  • "Claire's Diary" 02-06-2005
    A Charlie/Claire video.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Jeannie's Diary by The Eels
    Vidder: Faith5by5
    Length: 3:37 (9.0MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "PB&J"


  • k4x posted on 23.07. at 14:11
    hey there was this guy over on the official lost message boards at and they posted a vid and i told him/her (?) to come get an account on here and the video that they posted also happened to be a Claires Diary video....O.o wierd.....but it had a weird song (by britney spears) but they said that they posted it up on here so it should be watchable in a couple days (or at least i think?????????)

    anyways, nice vid!
  • northerlyartemis posted on 23.07. at 11:16
    Hi, I'm artie just thought I'd drop ya a line to say how much I loved this vid! It's very sweet, the songs great and the bit at the end with just the close-up of Claires diary page....well it made me go all soppy! Keep up the good work!

    p.s any way you could put it somewhere where we could download it?
  • Hobbes posted on 21.05. at 18:11
  • Hobbes posted on 24.02. at 19:27
    Morelight, you're a saint
  • MoreLight posted on 24.02. at 19:20
    Personally I think if an individual goes to all the trouble thinking up a song to vid then digging up all the clips and spends days, weeks, months (probably not months) on these suckers editing, the least I could do is post a few words to say I really liked what you did!

    Not to mention the LVI council spending seconds, minutes, hours debating on what to put up here. So thank you vidders and LVI.

    If I had a cable connection you'd probably post something like stop spamming as I'd reply to all the vids much sooner than I am now on dialup!
  • Hobbes posted on 24.02. at 19:08
    thanks for going to this effort to watch all the videos! Or at least it may seem that way so far
    I think everyone here is just waiting in anticipation for you to watch their video LOL!
  • MoreLight posted on 24.02. at 18:38
    Really nice vid that is almost "sweet" in it's treatment of Claire/Charlie. The inclusion of dialog was excellent! I realized I'm missing another episode after seeing the end of this vid. Claire/Emilie has such a cute laugh. No comments other than to say I enjoyed this vid and to say thanks for sharing it!
  • Hobbes posted on 06.02. at 17:31
    # "Claire's Diary" 2005-02-06
    A Charlie/Claire video.
    # Song: Jeannie's Diary by The Eels
    Vidder: Faith5by5
    Length: 3:37 (9.0MB WMV)

    We have to let one of those swarming Charlie/Claire videos in ONCE in a while , and this one really stood out from the crowd
    Enjoyable, cute, and has some good relations to the song in it! Good job!
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