A Thousand Years - Peter/Olivia by alyssap22




  • Brooke posted on 13.01. at 17:23
    I loved the coloring here. Those effects were so awesome; I loved the black and white with that red...so perfect.
  • Aislynn posted on 05.01. at 01:05
    Really beautiful vid! Great work, I enjoyed it a lot!
  • KajaM posted on 03.01. at 09:26
    Wonderful vid! I enjoyed it a lot! Well done
  • Uruviel posted on 02.01. at 00:02
    That was beautiful! I love Peter & Olivia together. Really nice song choice!
  • alyssap22 posted on 02.01. at 00:01
    ***Automated Message***
    "A Thousand Years - Peter/Olivia" 01-01-2012
    Darling dont be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years .
    Fandom: Fringe
    Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
    Vidder: alyssap22
    Length: 1:57 (100MB wmv)

    Link(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17tlvU1H4Ec

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