simon+alisha together by pruedens




  • Brooke posted on 04.01. at 19:27
    What wonderful effects. I haven't seen this show but I need too. I loved the audio it was so well placed and executed here. That snog was perfect for this vid.
  • mfirefly10 posted on 26.12. at 01:34
    That was fantastic! You did such a wonderful job of telling their story and I LOVE the clip you chose to end the vid with.

    Stupid, tragic, beautiful kids and their infinite loop of death

    Brilliant vid!
  • namaste nikki posted on 22.12. at 15:32
    Amazing work!!!I have never seen Misfits, but I want to now!!! The music you selected and the edits were flawless!!!
  • eloramoon posted on 21.12. at 12:46
    Beautifully done!
  • pruedens posted on 20.12. at 13:00
    ***Automated Message***
    "simon+alisha together" 12-20-2011
    up to series 3 finale
    Fandom: Misfits
    Song: Injection by Hans Zimmer
    Vidder: pruedens
    Length: 2:19 (109mb wmv)


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