Between Nature and Grace by Brooke



  • "Between Nature and Grace" 11-12-2011
    Tree of Life Crossed over with Lost. More info at YT
  • Fandom: Tree Of Life / Lost
    Song: Ghost Return Ambient Version by Moby
    Vidder: Brooke
    Length: 3:03 (24.3MB WMV)
    Program: Sony
  • Characters/Ships: Jack Shephard, Mr. O'Brian , Kate Austen


  • Brooke posted on 19.11. at 15:44
    Thanks Emma!!!
  • emmasholi posted on 19.11. at 12:03
    Awesome vid, Brooke! Your storytelling was superb, I really enjoyed it!!!
  • Brooke posted on 16.11. at 04:38
    Thanks NikkI!!!
  • namaste nikki posted on 15.11. at 19:31
    This was very well done!! I love the music you choose and the edits were fantastic!!!
  • Brooke posted on 14.11. at 15:19
    Thanks Heather!!!

    Thanks, Aislynn. I am glad it was a likable twist. I was most worried about that. I wasn't planning on taking the route of making it Jack's backstory but towards the end I was like "I have a great idea to finish it off."

    Karolina; I was indifferent to this movie. The acting won me over. But I think the movie tried hard in some places to be something more then what it was. I agree with Sean Penn; the directing really hurt the great writing. The writing is what was best in the film.

    Thank you for putting your differences of the movie aside for my vid. I am really glad you liked it and liked what I did here. Yes; I wanted to give it a positive ending; instead of making David always regret his relationship with Jack. Thanks.
  • KajaM posted on 14.11. at 01:54
    I must admit that I really hated this movie. I was about the switch it off after the first 30 minutes, but I did sit through it in the end. I think it was just too weird and bizarre for my taste.

    This doesn't change anyhting about the fact that you did a fabulous job here! I love Kate as the mom and Jack as the "grown-up version" of her son. The parallels... Jack playing piano and sitting in the church like his father did... were so well done and I like how you implemented the idea of Jack and David being a bit like Jack and his father back then... but with a positive ending.,

    It was so amazing to watch! Fantastic work, Brooke!
  • Aislynn posted on 14.11. at 01:29
    Oh wow, that was such an awesome twist having Kate being Jack's mom and it worked so well! That was really a beautiful crossover, it actually felt like it was Jack's backstory! Great work, I loved it!
  • Uruviel posted on 14.11. at 00:12
    That was a really good crossover, Brooke!
  • Brooke posted on 13.11. at 11:46
    Thank you so much Jemma. I'm glad the whole Jack/Kate mom thing is a nice twist.
  • Jemmz posted on 13.11. at 11:11
    I really liked this Brooke! Your manips were great and it was such a cool twist to have Jack as Kate's son LOL. I voted gold, awesome job
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