You Took My Choice Away || Dale & Andrea by Athena Alexandria



  • "You Took My Choice Away || Dale & Andrea" 10-28-2011
    A Dale & Andrea vid based on one of my favourite Walking Dead scenes.
  • Song: Always Find Me Here (Instrumental) by Transit
    Length: 2:01 (71.8MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas HD Platinum 11
  • Characters/Ships: Andrea, Dale Horvath

    Vid contains mature themes: violence, horror


  • KajaM posted on 07.11. at 02:22
    Great recap of their relationship! Really good work on the quotes and the flashbacks. I love the complicated chemistry these two have. I hope she'll forgive him at some point!
  • littleton_pace posted on 30.10. at 06:43
    Great job Sam! the relationship between these two is one of my fave things to watch cos its so angsty! I love that scene as well, I hope Andrea comes full circle one day and thanks Dale for saving her
  • Athena Alexandria posted on 29.10. at 20:42
    Thanks guys!

    Nikki #1: I hope Andrea doesn't get killed either. I'm sure you already know this but she's my favourite too.
    Nikki #2: You should definitely catch up when you get the chance! It's a lot like Lost. It's about people trying to make sense of their lives in the face of disaster rather than zombies.
  • namaste nikki posted on 29.10. at 14:32
    I still have not seen the walking dead, but this was very powerful!!! Great Job!!!
  • eloramoon posted on 28.10. at 18:13
    Ooo, that was really good! Great job!
  • nikkimonique posted on 28.10. at 07:47
    That was fantastic! You did a great job at blending the audio with different scenes! I got chills!! I love Andrea so much! I think she is the most interesting character on the show! I hope she never gets killed. Gold from me of course
  • Athena Alexandria posted on 28.10. at 07:07
    ***Automated Message***
    "You Took My Choice Away || Dale & Andrea" 10-28-2011
    A Dale & Andrea vid based on one of my all time favourite Walking Dead scenes.
    Fandom: The Walking Dead
    Song: Always Find Me Here by Transit
    Vidder: Athena Alexandria
    Length: 2:01 (71.8MB WMV)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes


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