The House of Boo by Enchirito



  • "The House of Boo" 10-30-2005
    October 2005 contest 1st place winner!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: The House Of Boo by Horse The Band
    Vidder: Enchirito
    Length: 4:20 (14.4MB DIVX AVI)
  • Characters/Ships: John Locke


  • lostzilla posted on 08.11. at 22:37
    I love the lil boo thingy.
    It deserves to win but you've already knew that.
  • Aislynn posted on 08.11. at 21:47
    Just a weird little note: I downloaded this last night and... disappeared before I could watch it! No, I'm serious. I hauled it into Ye Olde Download Manager, it did its thing for an hour and a half or so while I closed up shop on everything else Internetty (word of the day ). It completed its download, I hopped over to unzip the file and it wasn't there. I then spent 40 minutes scouring the hard drive (which is now squeaky clean, BTW ) and never did find it. I've never so thoroughly lost a vid like this before!

    Only reason I'm mentioning this is... well, I thought that was kinda spooky and therefore Halloween-appropriate! I'm going to try downloading it again tonight but if the same thing happens again, then I'm going to be forced to wonder if E has somehow discovered the secret of vidding with invisible ink or something...

  • Enchirito posted on 08.11. at 21:40
    YAY! Look at all the Boo love in here! Thanks all!

    To talk about the 'meaning' of this vid I'll just post what i originally told hobbes after he asked me about the ending...

    ...or not. -5 points for Google Talk.

    Anyway, here's the gist of it. The theme i was going for was that, while everyone else is generally TERRIFIED of the unknown, Locke is not. The Boo's kind of follow the Forbiden Planet theory and are paralell to 'the Monster (from the Id)'. While everyone else runs, Locke, by not approaching things with such fear, is shown that the boo is not a thing to fear. It just makes Locke realize how glad he is to be getting chased around on the island - since that was something he couldn't even do before the crash. It kind of sets him free (thus the clouds). And in the end we see that the 'Boo's from the Id' were created for Hanso's island experimet called 'Lost'. Ya see?

    Also, if you're interested, here's the House of Boo lyrics.

    If you watch it again after reading all this you might even like it better!
  • Hobbes posted on 08.11. at 19:03
    LOved this video, definitely worthy of the title. You've gotta love he beat use in the skeleton scenes, and all the boo manipulation. If anyone can manage to take a super mario cartoon character and actually make a creepy (and probably the creepiest of all) video, then that's just some skill right there

    E, are you going to post that irector's commentary?
  • Locke posted on 08.11. at 15:06
    Wow!! You deserve 1st for sure! Great editing!! I wish I could edit that good. I love boo! I remember him from super mario world(awesome game)

    Just look at him, he's sweet!!
  • blind.filmmaker posted on 08.11. at 10:17
    Rock on, Enchirito. Rock on.

    This video gets Style Points (tm) for:

    The excellent animation. When I saw the little Boo from Nintendo, I thought it would be silly. But you actually made it kind of creepy; not sure if you wanted it to be funny or scary, but it came out nicely spooky in the end.

    The great music. Really frantic and hysterical, which suited the mood.

    A small touch, but I liked the little message of "terrified" that would appear over their heads. For some reason, that was just really awesome.

    The great clips! Scary stuff, man! The use of the skeletons in the Black Rock was especially effective. And Claire's flashback to the attack, that was great.

    * * * 1/2 --- three and a half out of four stars.

  • Polarbear posted on 08.11. at 06:08
    Great job E! I loved all the lil boo characters floating around
  • LVI Bot posted on 07.11. at 20:54
    "The House of Boo" 10-30-2005
    October 2005 contest 1st place winner!
    Song: The House of Boo by Horse The Band
    Vidder: Enchirito
    Length: 4:20 (14.4MB DIVX AVI)

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