Ron &Hermione Always the tone of suprise by pruedens




  • nightdancer342 posted on 31.07. at 01:21
    This is so cute!! I love how you compared their motions through the years (lol, maybe that's a weird thing to say?) it was fun to see Emma Hermione wipe her eyes all the way in movie 7 the same way she did in the first film. cute! Loved the voice overs and coloring too! Great editing job!!
  • cylune posted on 30.07. at 08:31
    I enjoyed this a lot!! Great work!
  • Aislynn posted on 27.07. at 21:52
    Really lovely work! I loved how you used all of those parallel scenes, very nicely done!
  • ciaimpala posted on 27.07. at 09:16
    I really enjoyed this-I love the way you showed their parallel scenes-the editing was really fantastic.
  • pruedens posted on 27.07. at 09:16
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    "Ron &Hermione Always the tone of suprise " 07-27-2011
    Spoilers up to DH2
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