i will take care of you | pbj by littleton_pace



  • "i will take care of you | pbj" 07-14-2011
    July 2011 contest submission.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: I Will Take Care Of You by The Bangles
    Length: 3:33 (127MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 10
  • Characters/Ships: "PB&J"


  • HobbitRockGod posted on 14.08. at 10:16
    Aw, this is SO sweet!! This song is just perfect for them and I absolutely LOVE the line of Charlie's you ended with.
  • scarlett_106 posted on 12.08. at 20:31
    Sweet song, sweeter video! The lyrics were seriously perfect for them! And you really drove that point home with the voiceovers - perfectly chosen. The one about closing her eyes and he'll be there all night really matched with the song!

    I also love the fast edits you did (shorter clips) to keep the vid interesting even though it was a slower song. I usually use "slo mo" and fades, which make it seem even slower! haha

    I feel bad because as a Jater, I feel like I missed so many PB&J moments just worrying about Jate. This vid makes me remember them a little more. Beautiful work!
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 10.08. at 18:55
    this was wonderful kat!! so sweet and gorgeously edited!! I miss these too so much! great job i loved!!
  • emmasholi posted on 10.08. at 07:39
    Oh gosh, Kat, that was completely gorgeous!! The audio clips you chose were so perfect, especially the one at the beginning to set up for the song. And I ADORED the colouring you had on this, like, woah!, so pretty!!! Superb job!!!
  • eloramoon posted on 09.08. at 18:51
    Beautiful! The perfect tribute to PB&J, and the song just couldn't have been more perfect! Awesome job, Kat! <3
  • Fishbiscuits42 posted on 09.08. at 11:39
    I liked the audio choices.It really set the tone for the video. I really enjoyed it.
  • Jemmz posted on 08.08. at 08:05
    I think I fell in love with this in the first 30 seconds It's perfect and I adore it!! Oh, Charlie and Claire <3<3 This song suits them SO well, you demonstrated that perfectly with your excellent lyric use. I agree that you did an amazing job showing why you love these two because you were showing what I loved about them too Such a gorgeous vid, lovely job Kat!!
  • Uruviel posted on 06.08. at 23:01
    Aw, what a sweet vid, Kat! Great lyric use!
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 19.07. at 23:34
    Very sweet. The song fit PB&J perfectly. Your lyirc interpretation was great. You did a great job of showing what a sweet and cute couple they were. Good Luck in the Contest!
  • Breezelda posted on 16.07. at 12:34
    Beautiful video, the song simply sum up PB&J so well. I haven't seen some of those clips in a long time and had forgotten how sweet Charlie was to Claire. You really captured that special bond between the two. Gorgeous job!
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