The Nicest Thing by Captain Freya




  • starrylizard posted on 25.04. at 15:51
    Love your colouring and song choice. You definitely make me want to watch the movie.
  • emmasholi posted on 13.07. at 04:09
    Oh gosh, that was such a beautiful vid, Freya! You made me really want to watch this film now! Amazing job!
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 12.07. at 09:12
    Oh my word, this was soo beautiful. The coloring, song, editing, everything was so gorgeous! Beautiful work, good luck in the contest!
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 10.07. at 10:21
    this was beautiful Freya! Wonderful editing, you made me really want to watch this movie. The story look really sweet!
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 07.07. at 23:47
    I'm not familiar with the film, but I felt like the song fit your video very well and you told a beautiful story. I enjoyed your video.I also really liked the partial black and white effect you used.
  • Uruviel posted on 05.07. at 23:12
    Lovely video, I enjoyed it!
  • eloramoon posted on 05.07. at 22:51
    Wow! Very pretty! I really enjoyed it!
  • Aislynn posted on 05.07. at 19:23
    Really beautiful coloring! That black and white with a touch of color really worked well for this one and gave it such a nice, dreamy feel. Great work, I enjoyed it!
  • littleton_pace posted on 24.06. at 19:26
    Oooh; i've always meant to watch this movie!!! I adore Blake <3 she's so gorgeous one of my fave songs, too even tho i havent seen this movie it fit so perfectly to me the colouring was gorgeous too; and i loved that scene of them laying down in the sunflowers, such a beautiful shot looove it freya
  • Captain Freya posted on 15.06. at 15:31
    Aww thanks you guys! And yeah, there really is a major shortage of Elvis and Anabelle vids out there. I'm thinking of doing another vid for them soon, maybe with 500 Days of Summer thrown in aswell.
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