Attraction by xSoppySofax




  • xSoppySofax posted on 04.06. at 01:32
    oh thank you, the intro is a template i got from so its not really mine but i changed the words etc. lol
  • littleton_pace posted on 03.06. at 01:57
    Oh epic opening credits sophie!!! Why is it that blood splatter is such an artistic quality? I love Eric/Sookie, even tho from reading the books Sookie is driving me insane, but i love E/S on True Blood!! just so hot!!
  • xSoppySofax posted on 03.06. at 01:47
    thank you ais
  • Aislynn posted on 02.06. at 15:59
    Ooo, that was great! I loved how you used the audio to set the scene and that had a awesome dreamy atmosphere to it. Loved it! (And yep, I'm an Eric/Sookie shipper, too, lol! )
  • xSoppySofax posted on 02.06. at 01:56
    yeah i prefer eric and sookie too he he thanks guys
  • Brooke posted on 01.06. at 10:02
    Hell yeah! I love me some Sookie/Eric! This was beautiful. From the intro to the ending! I enjoyed every minute of it. The colors were stunning. Loved the red!! Though I'ma Eric/Sookie shipper in that last scene I felt bad for her. You really conveyed this; and I loved it.
  • Debbie posted on 01.06. at 09:37
    this is gorgeous! It flowed great with the music!
  • xSoppySofax posted on 01.06. at 09:30
    ***Automated Message***
    "Attraction" 06-01-2011
    Sookie and eric
    Fandom: True Blood
    Song: na by na
    Vidder: benlinusisagoodguy
    Length: 1:33 (38.1mb wmv)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes


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