Penthus - Claire&Leo by littleton_pace



  • "Penthus - Claire&Leo" 05-03-2011
    Who is she? Who is he?
  • Fandom: Multifandom
    Song: Various by Various
    Length: 6:50 (243MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 7
  • Characters/Ships: Claire, Leo

    Vid contains mature themes: Language


  • emmasholi posted on 22.08. at 07:03
    HOLY CRUD! How had I not seen this already?!!! Your plot was absolute genius and you pulled it off so freakin' perfectly!!! GAH! Words can't express the amount of awesome that is in this vid! Outstanding work, Kat!! And I'm so sorry it's taken me such a long time to see this, it was incredible!
  • Brooke posted on 24.05. at 20:28
    I really liked this, it really worked. The manips between Charlie/Claire were amazingly done. The Beach clips worked SO well here. This story was amazing, SO believable.
  • Jemmz posted on 14.05. at 06:06
    WOW!! Kat, this is AMAZING! My new fave vid of yours The story ROCKS. You used some of my favourite Leo movies He's such an incredible actor, I love that you vidded him with Claire! And the story was so awesome and believeable! Leo should so be your new OC This was beautifully edited. I don't really know what to add because I just loved every part of it This is a very stunning, emotional and amazing vid! Awesome job!!
  • Aislynn posted on 13.05. at 21:12
    Ohhhh wow, that is BRILLIANT! The manips were top-notch! I especially loved how the argument at 3:30 flowed together, with her talking over him at one point and it just sounded so natural!

    I absolutely love how you managed to make a coherent, awesome story out of all of these separate sources! *applause* I mean, you even got in a twist and a mind-bender of an ending! \o/

    Awesome, clever and extremely well put together! I loved it! ♥♥♥!!!

    PS - Now I'm shipping Claire/Leo like woah. They looked really good together! ♥!
  • Uruviel posted on 10.05. at 00:39
    WOW, that was incredible! So many great manips, and this was such a cool idea to put Claire & Leo together!
  • ciaimpala posted on 09.05. at 16:30
    This was INCREDIBLE. Like its own crazy mind-bending mini-movie! The storyline was BRILLIANT-your best yet!
  • littleton_pace posted on 04.05. at 18:38
    Thanks Nik Leo has been in so many movies where he's on a beach/in a jungle/on an island, it was only a matter of time before I vidded him with Lost and Triangle; well it had to come into a vid of mine sooner or later, that 'repeating' ending is just too good to pass up :] xxxx
  • nikkimonique posted on 04.05. at 13:43
    F**king brilliant Kat! I loved every min! I love how it was a little bit of all Leo's movies rolled into one and it was even kinda of like Triangle too with that crazy ending! I love that you ended it where it was going to just keep repeating over and over!! My favorite scene was when she has that nightmare and starts to remember and then he says, "Sorry Honey" and then that flashback with the miscarriage was so dark and dramatic!! Definitely a mind-effer but how could it not be when you combine Leo's movies and Lost!!! Fantastic idea!!!
  • littleton_pace posted on 03.05. at 22:39
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    "Penthus - Claire&Leo" 05-03-2011

    Who is she? Who is he?

    Fandom: Multifandom
    Song: Various by Various
    Vidder: littleton_pace
    Length: 6:50 (243MB WMV)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes

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