This Is Not The Answer - Kate/Addison by littleton_pace



  • "This Is Not The Answer - Kate/Addison" 02-27-2011
    February 2011 contest 1st place winner! Kate and Addison have a happy life together with their daughter, Susan, until an unexpected tragedy changes everything.
  • Song: Various by Charlotte Martin
    Length: 5:14 (44.63 MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 8
  • Characters/Ships: Kate Austen, Addison Montgomery

    Vid contains mature themes: Language


  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 13.03. at 15:17
    Kat, this was reallly beyond amazing! So tragic and heart breaking!! I thought your editing and this story line were fantastic. What a beautifully, wonderful ending with her in the coffin with the baby, oh my word! My heart just broke for her! You are fabulous at crossover's Kat, this was truely epic.
  • emmasholi posted on 12.03. at 02:34
    Woah!!! Amazing job Kat! Such a tragic story, you told it so perfectly! I loved the audio so much; the music was so peaceful and sad, and every line of audio was so clear. It was real easy to follow and you managed to create such a beautiful atmosphere. Your manips were amazing. I really loved how near the end you showed the baby instead of the urn as she placed it in the coffin with her. Beautiful!!! And I really liked how you had Kate's voice reading what she'd wrote as Addison found her and the letter. Fantastic job, I really enjoyed watching!
  • Uruviel posted on 09.03. at 01:46
    Such a sad but well-done story! Great vid, Kat.
  • Aislynn posted on 07.03. at 18:24
    Oh man, when Addison put the urn in the coffin and instead you showed her putting the baby in there, that was just a beautiful visual analogy! (Extremely sad, of course, but really powerful!) It hits like a punch to the gut! Great work!

    Awesome and believable manips, as always! Fantastic job with everything!
  • Brooke posted on 07.03. at 16:59
    I was awed by the coloring and the sharpness of the vid. Beautiful manips. Really believable and heartbreaking story. The whole video was just one downfall after another and you conveyed it so well. I loved when Addison got up to give her eulogy and there was Kate. Great idea.

    OMG! This was so great. The whole ending every inch of that ending and your editing was just breathtaking. You have some mad skills, Kat. I LOVED it. Good luck on the contest.
  • Jemmz posted on 06.03. at 07:18
    WOW. Such a sad AU, but absolutely amazing!! Love your editing as always and your manips were superb, Kat I really liked that bit at the end where Kate had died and then she was reunited with Susan in the afterlife. Amazing job!!
  • ciaimpala posted on 28.02. at 12:39
    This was SO sad and SO beautifully done-you are an incredible vidder, Kat, I know I tell you that, but I honestly can't tell you enough.
  • nikkimonique posted on 28.02. at 05:38
    lol I know Kate just asks for it!! Haha she the only character in so many of my vids that has either been abused, killed herself, gone psycho, or just died tragically...haha but she's the only one it really works well with and its so much fun to torture her!
  • littleton_pace posted on 28.02. at 05:26
    This is why i should keep things totally secret from you, i give you the eensiest bit of info and you guess it lol i knew I wanted to use the Addie/urn scenes for something, but i had no idea who would be in the urn that she would want to put in the coffin with whoever was dead, the baby idea came around that

    I love the 'we don't quit' audio too; was almost the title to the vid

    Kate does end up dead a lot... if she didn't cry so much it wouldn't be so easy to manip!
  • nikkimonique posted on 28.02. at 05:21
    I knew it was going to be Addison! You know how I figured it is b/c when I found that scene with the pills where that lady is crushing them with the urn it made me think of Private Practice and I knew that all those scenes in the past few episodes were so great for AUs you couldn't pass it up!!
    I love Kate and Addie together! I'm so glad you vidded them again! Poor Kate though! She keeps ending up dead! LOL

    I think my favorite scene was when Kate is driving in the car and thinking about their fight together and Addie 's"No we don't quit" that was perfect. The scene with the pills was great and then Addie finding her! I loved that scene in the church where ghost Kate was there and then the ending when she is putting the urn with Kate and you used an actual baby! Ugh that really made me weepy along with the scene of Kate in heaven with the baby! I loved this Kat! It was amazing as always!!
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