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  • xSoppySofax posted on 09.05. at 13:25
    thank you
  • eloramoon posted on 09.05. at 11:17
    LMAO! That was hilarious, Sophie!
  • xSoppySofax posted on 07.05. at 12:15
    thank you
  • Jemmz posted on 07.05. at 08:15
    Lol, that was fantastic, Soph! The Jacob and Hurley manips were awesome. Fab job!
  • xSoppySofax posted on 06.05. at 11:11
    thank you emma
  • emmasholi posted on 06.05. at 10:31
    Hehehe this was awesome Sophie!! I really loved the little manips of Hurley and Jacob as Indiana Jones and Obi-Wan Kenobi Fantasitc job, really enjoyed it!
  • xSoppySofax posted on 05.05. at 10:37
    thank you lol
  • littleton_pace posted on 05.05. at 03:25
    lmao Sophie!! that's all i can say, LMAO!!! This was so awesome!!!!
  • xSoppySofax posted on 03.05. at 01:45
    thank you guys!!!
  • Uruviel posted on 03.05. at 00:08
    Cool vid, Sophie! LOL at Obi-Wan Jacob!!!
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