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  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 18.11. at 21:39
    I would have never thought of these three in a love triangle.Great video.I enjoyed the storyline.
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 11.04. at 07:44
    Wow, awesome video! Loved the storyline of Sawyer and Shannon together, that was super cool! Loved the triangle of Miles/Sawyer/Shannon in here as well, your clip choices and audio choices told the story really nicely!! Loved the song choice as well, it's really cool and mysterious sounding, but it also has a lot of meaning, being a "possibility" for certain things to happen! Great work, good luck in the contest!
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 10.04. at 22:40
    What a cool idea for a vid! I loved the characters you used! That's a triangle i wouldn't mind watching. lol Very nice job!
  • Jemmz posted on 10.04. at 06:48
    Oh awesome triangle! Loved your plot, some excellent manips there! I really enjoyed it
  • thefilmchick posted on 09.04. at 18:42
    Hey Bex:

    Good work; I liked the plane landing along with the opening chords and the generally wistful mood of the song. To me the red coloring felt a little too red in parts; it washed out some of the footage that I think could have had a bit more punch.

    I noticed some suggestions I made were taken (and thanks); I think this could have been a little more clear of a storyline had it followed a more linear path. Such as it was, it did not feel clear enough to me to make a concrete storyline, since as I said in the PM, I (still) get a lopsided vibe from the scenario, not an even one. Additionally, some of the manipulations could have been a bit more on-target per mouth movements; they didn't all synch up entirely.

    Good job though, and good luck!
  • emmasholi posted on 09.04. at 15:42
    Ooh this was really different and fab! Awesome job on the new triangle! I loved the story and I really liked Shannon's "get dressed" I'd forgotten about her ever saying that and it looked so great how you used it Brilliant work!
  • rbexter93 posted on 09.04. at 04:30
    Ooh lots of comments Thanks for all the good feedback, it was a video I was really self consious about uploading.

    Charmed_Charlee wrote:
    This song sounds very familiar has it been on skins or something like that? lol.

    It is from the New Moon soundtrack. It played during the time when Bella is in "zombie" state.

    littleton_pace wrote:
    Love the triangle!! might be one that i have to attempt at some point

    OMG I would love a Kat video to this triangle!!!!! I've kind of fallen in love with it.

    Thanks Aislynn, eloramoon and Heather for the nice comments too
  • Uruviel posted on 08.04. at 23:15
    Really good vid! I like that you used a unique triangle.
  • eloramoon posted on 08.04. at 13:31
    YAY! This was such a great idea! In all honesty, I didn't understand the storyline, but after I saw clues in the comments I watched again and it finally made sense. I think that was such a clever triangle to explore! I loved your song choice (even the title makes it perfect for an AU) and I loved your coloring and the way you used the audio. Nice job! Good luck in the contest!
  • littleton_pace posted on 07.04. at 23:21
    Love the triangle!! might be one that i have to attempt at some point shannon needs to be vidded more great use of the recon audio of miles 'why were you in australia', and i really believed Shannon was the reason Miles and Sawyer 'break up' so to speak I just wish it had gone on a little longer!! Excellent work Bec, gold from me
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