Touched by Cec


  • Kaycee posted on 28.09. at 07:13
    Awww, thanks!!! We are so happy that you liked it and took the time to let us know! It means a lot to us!
  • Sultry_Princess posted on 27.09. at 00:43
    That was absolutely amazing you two!!! I was shocked I wish I could make a vid that good! lol Well done the music fit perfectly (love the song anyway) and the mix of clips with the effects was outstanding!! Thanks for creating that Ive saved it and am watching it again and again! Congrats!

  • Kaycee posted on 26.09. at 20:51
    Yes, there are two of us, lol! We're so glad you like our other videos, too! You are so sweet! And we will definitely keep on vidding Lost. Too great a show not to! Thanks again!
  • Hollywood posted on 26.09. at 20:46're welcome. *hugs* I've actually downloaded alot of your BtVS and AtS vids. LOL. Huge fan of your work. Well both of yous I mean. There are two of you right?

    I really liked this song too, again excellent song choice. Loved it.
    Also this is such a kick ass vid for your first Lost centric video. Wow!
    But then again I knew it was gonna be awesome since I recognized the vidder names and all.

    Keep up the great work you two and don't stop making Lost videos anytime soon ok.
  • Cec posted on 26.09. at 20:21
    Thank you so much! We are so flattered and glad that you enjoyed it! Touched is our first Lost video (we just got the DVDs), so your feedback definitely means a lot to us! Haha, we're rather fond of the song as well. VAST is just so viddable! lol. Thanks again! We really appreciate it!

    Cec and Kaycee
  • Hollywood posted on 26.09. at 19:12
    OMG.....that was a kick ass vid Cec and Kaycee. really know what you're doin. Excellent use of beats, cool song choice and I loved it.
    Great Work.
  • LVI Bot posted on 25.09. at 13:53
    "Touched" 09-24-2005
    Jack/Kate/Sawyer: their lives and relationships.
    Song: Touched by VAST
    Vidder: Cec and Kaycee
    Length: 3:38 (14.7 and a WMV)


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