Prodigal - Charlie&Claire by Lost-majs




  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 22.11. at 21:59
    That was really good.I never thought of this song being used for Charlie and Claire but it was a perfect match.
  • eloramoon posted on 06.11. at 18:32
    Maya, that was sooooo beautiful! I know I'm late seeing this... I'm catching up on a lot of stuff because of the tourney. This was truly beautiful and your editing effects are amazing!!!
  • Lost-majs posted on 23.12. at 08:05
    Awwww These comments you leave means so much to me <33 Thank youuu guys :*
  • emmasholi posted on 22.12. at 13:57
    WOAH!!! Incredible vid Maja!! I swear, you never fail to blow me away with your superb editing, it's just completely flawless!! I completely ADORDED the whole feel of the vid and the beautiful colouring and effects you used. I'm literally flabbergasted by your vidding talent! Such an outstanding piece of work!
  • PBJNewbie posted on 20.12. at 12:51
    Aww, this is so amazing! Your editing is outstanding and I love your colouring so much! Definitely one of the best PB&J vids I've ever seen.
  • Jemmz posted on 19.12. at 08:55
    Oh, Maja! That was outstanding!! Stunning, stunning video! You are really really skilled when it comes to making vids; your beat use was superb and the way your effects and clips went with the music was just gorgeous. Fab job!
  • Lost-majs posted on 14.12. at 00:38
    Thank you!
  • jonnyzkool92 posted on 11.12. at 23:15
    loved this vid

    you're a really amazing vidder

    keep it up
  • Lost-majs posted on 11.12. at 05:46
    Thank you SO much everyone! *hugs you all*
  • Debbie posted on 09.12. at 09:54
    wow, that was beautiful. Everything in there was just stunningly done!
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